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Remodel or Refresh?

Refreshed kitchen with quartz countertops and white cabinets

To remodel or to refresh, that is the question. You can get tired of looking at the same things when you're home all day. Those builder-grade oak cabinets were all the rage when you first moved in. Now, they give you a headache. You long for your home's design to take a new direction but can't decide if it's worth a full-scale remodel or if it can be accomplished with a minor refresh.

At OHi, we have two different departments. Our main department is design-build. This is for those major remodels. A major remodel consists of tearing out all existing materials and potentially adding new drywall or changing the footprint of the space. Often, remodels happen because of a functional need such as broken cabinets, frustrating layouts, or a desire for improved storage. However, we see just as many remodels where the main objective is to update the style with brand-new everything: cabinets, countertops, flooring, light fixtures, and appliances. Remodels tend to be more expensive, take longer, and require deeper design insight.

Our other department, Finishing Touches, is for clients looking for a refresh without diving into a full-scale remodel. Often, this is for people who want minor adjustments to the space, such as changing out the backsplash or updating the countertops. The services are often a la carte and never require our team to change the footprint of the space. It is an excellent option for people with smaller budgets or who like the general layout of their room but just want a few tweaks. This department deals with the pretty finishing touches that set the aesthetic of your space, like lighting, rugs, and flooring. A refresh can be as basic or transformative as you want

A few ways to refresh your home are:


Floors are the foundation of your space. You may want to make your room feel spacious without removing walls; then, you can trade your carpet for wood floors. If you already have laminate flooring and want to make the space feel luxurious, then updating to hardwood floors is a great option. If you have children and are looking for a more durable option, Hardened Wood Floors or LVT are waterproof and aesthetically pleasing. Refreshing your flooring can be as simple as adding an area rug under a table, in the hall, or living area. Area rugs help make the room feel cozy and add a cherry on top of the design.

Window Treatments 

Window treatments are an excellent investment. Proper window treatments protect your furniture and paint from fading and keep your electric bill from skyrocketing. They can help you block the morning sun from your bedroom, add privacy, or maximize natural light in your kitchen/ living areas. Automated options provide the convenience of opening and closing on a timer. Window treatments accent a room's appearance and give you as much natural light as your heart desires.


Lights set the mood of your home. Brighter lights make the room feel more high energy and help with focus, whereas a dimmer light makes the room feel relaxed and cozy. If your home doesn’t get the most natural light, you may want to add recessed or track lighting to light a bigger space. If you are looking to add a light fixture for design and decor purposes, then a chandelier or wall-mounted sconces would be the right fit. Lighting can make a space feel cohesive when matched with the arrangement and colors of the wall.

Extra Freezer

Built-ins help keep your space organized and keep its composure. You can put built-ins in your bedroom closets so that you no longer have to sort through the piles of clothes on the floor, living room, or mudrooms to hang your coats and store your mittens. Organizational units work well in hall closets to keep shoes together and for a place to hang guests’ coats. Custom shelving in the living area is great for displaying memorabilia and awards. The garage is a great place for slated walls to hang tools on and built cabinets to store seasonal toys.  

See how a few simple changes make you feel like you have a brand new house without the price tag of one. If you’re looking to do a refresh, our finishing touches team would love to help you find all the details to fill your cup of tea. Contact us today to start your home’s refresh!

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