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Ins and Outs of 2024 Design Trends


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At the start of the year, we reflect on the past and make resolutions for the new year. When reflecting and creating resolutions, you may think about what went well and what didn’t and envision how the next year will go. We at OHi have reflected on the design world in 2023 and would like to share our design forecast for 2024 with you. Check out what we think will be “in” in 2024 and what we want to see for the year.

Bold Color Pairings 

Gone are the days of all-white kitchens, gray living rooms, and beige bedrooms. 2024 is the year we become daring with bold colors and purposeful color combos. The primary color scheme we see coming into 2024 is Color palettes with rich purples, blues, browns, and accents of cool tones that will be seen in most homes by the end of 2024. Single color schemes of greige, beige, white, and black are out, and bold and bright are in. People no longer want their homes to feel somber or sterile; they are looking for joy and peace. Bold patterns and textures are replacing the flat white walls. Neutrals still have their place so long as they work to bring warmth to the home and utilize elements like wood and texture. These pairings will be seen in furniture, artwork, wall colors, mixed-matched metals, and focal backsplashes. 

Ins: Playful color combinations, including primary colors such as blues and rich purples. 

Outs: Greige, Beige, and all white

Personal Touches 

This year, we see people putting their mark on their home’s design. The straight-of-the-box cookie-cutter design is out. Keeping up with the Joneses is finally out, and creating a unique home that reflects your own taste is in. This trend started with the dopamine decor trend in the fall of 2023, where people choose whimsical and unexpected elements as primary roles in their interior design. Funky carpets, bold colors, and oddly shaped furniture are all the rave. People are trading Wayfair for flea markets, vintage shops, and family heirlooms. We are seeing more artisanal pieces than mass-produced items. Homeowners are opting for elements like artisanal tile or handmade pieces to create a feeling that their home has something unique and special.  2024 design is all about letting your personality shine.

Ins: Finding pieces or materials that reflect your style and have a unique appeal

Outs: Cookie cutter design choices (did someone say basic subway tile?)


Trendy and cheap is out, and sustainability is in for 2024 home design. Homeowners have started educating themselves on how different materials affect their living environment and how much waste comes from disposable pieces. We are shifting towards conscious selections, consideration of longevity, and use of zero-impact furniture. This is the Anti-trends trend. This trend promotes timeless styles, traditional details, and repurposed materials. High-quality pieces made from brick, handmade tiles, and rustic woods create a quiet luxury aesthetic and provide longevity for your remodel.  This trend also goes hand-in-hand with personal touches, as both encourage homeowners to design their homes for what will make them happy for years. 

In: Sustainable, durable materials to last a lifetime

Out: Low-quality materials for the sake of short, trendy aesthetics.

Defined Spaces 

The open floor plan had its time, but in 2024, we are returning to defined spaces set by a closed floor plan. This trend is prompted by the days of COVID lockdown in 2020. People have started spending more time at home with their families and working, making them recognize the value of more defined spaces within their homes. The closed floor plan allows for more intimate moments unique to the specific family. 


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to update your home, create a more functional living space, or bring your personality to space, we would love to help! Contact us today. 

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