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What is Dopamine Decor All About?

Dopamine Decor Bathroom with Pink Cabinets and Shower Niche

When we’re kids, our rooms are painted bright colors, with posters of our favorite boybands or movies covering the walls, glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, and wild patterned bedding because those were the things we liked before society shaped our tastes to the minimalistic style of everyone else. Now that our homes and clothes are uniform with mainstream ideals, where do we have left to express ourselves and get a dopamine boost in the day? Tired of throwing money at everchanging trends that don’t connect to their personalities, Tiktok users have started the “untrendy” trend of Dopamine Decor. The 2023 trend that’s easy to do because it’s all about you!

As a spin-off of dopamine dressing, the idea of dressing for yourself using bold colors, Dopamine Decor puts your personality first. It creates an environment that promotes positivity and well-being, ultimately boosting your mood. This fall design trend is about finding pieces that exude happiness and inspire creativity. Dopamine Decor came from the increase of people working from home after the pandemic and recognizing that their home is the foundation for a life of happiness, joy, creativity, and inspiration. To help you bring joy to your home, we’ve broken the concept of Dopamine Decor into four parts.


The central aspect of Dopamine Decor is using bold color choices throughout your home. This trend is the archrival of the all-white kitchen and beige living area fad. Color is the foundation of Dopamine Decor because of the scientific proof of its dopamine-inducing powers. It is emotive and causes us all to react differently. Color psychology teaches us that red is for energy, pinks and oranges bring joy and excitement, and blues and greens are calming. We recommend starting your design with a color scheme that sparks joy for you. This doesn’t mean you have to have the entire room painted hot pink, but you can start with a furniture piece, accent wall, backsplash area rug, or throw pillows in that color. Starting with a neutral base and adding strong accents is a great way to use your dopamine-inducing colors without being overwhelming. It’s all about finding balance. You can also use a variety of shades of the same color to create contrast. What’s most important in Dopamine Decor is choosing the colors that make you feel good, whether bold, bright, beige, or black.

Living space with teal wall with gold geometric pattern and gold flower chandelier



Your dopamine levels are connected to more than just visual appeal, but all five of your senses, so it’s essential when choosing your Dopamine Decor to satisfy them all. Using mixed textures and finishes pleases the sense of touch. This can be done by using raised tiles in your backsplash, textured wallpaper, or hardwood floors with soft throw rugs. A great way to play with texture is in your furniture. Maybe your main couch is linen, but you have a leather ottoman and velvet chair. You can replace your standard light switch covers with aged brass and use lamps with oriental or carved detail to add texture and start a conversation. Sensory stimulation through Dopamine Decor can be simple, like scented candles, essential oil diffusers, a cozy blanket, and ambient lighting. The point of using mixed textures in your Dopamine Decor is to connect you with your home by engaging all five senses.

Textured Tile Dopamine Decor


 Nature elements have proven grounding effects and health benefits. Incorporating them into your design is a natural way to boost dopamine levels and add life to your home. Indoor plants are an easy way to bring nature into your Dopamine Decor. They are proven to improve air quality, reduce stress, and feel recharged. Having a plant also provides you with responsibility and gives you a sense of success when they are thriving. Another element of nature in Dopamine Decor is natural light. You can incorporate natural light into your design by using light window treatments, large windows, and skylights. Natural light supports mental well-being, provides vitamin D, and lowers your electric bill. Lastly, furniture pieces with natural woods and pieces in earth tones simulate nature and, therefore, also boost your dopamine levels and help you feel grounded, as shown in this project.

Large open kitchen with white cabinets, gold hardware, natural wood accents, and copious natural light from the window above the sink.


Personal items like photographs of loved ones and memorabilia evoke great emotion, which makes them perfect additions to your Dopamine Decor. You can create a gallery wall of photos you’ve taken or of family and friends, which adds a personal touch and saves money on buying expensive prints. Using your personal memorabilia, like souvenirs from trips and family heirlooms, is the perfect way to fill your shelves and relive those memories. This trend is rooted in the TikTok generation’s earth consciousness. This generation is all about using recycled and sustainable materials instead of constantly spending money on items they will throw out and replace with the newest addition next month. Finding quality pieces that last is at the core of Dopamine Decor, which is why thrift shopping is the most recommended way of finding your pieces. Thrift shopping helps you save money and the environment and gives your decor a story. 

Dopamine Decor artistic plates in frame

Dopamine Decor uses colors, textures, nature, and nostalgia to make your home happier. Who doesn’t want to be happier in their home? We certainly do! We also would be happy to help you find joy in your home. Contact us today or schedule a visit to our showroom to start boosting your dopamine today.


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