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3 Trends to Avoid in 2024


White and gold kitchen with farmhouse sink

Trends come, and trends go. The days of poodle skirts and sock hops are behind us, and so are many of the home design styles from previous years, like modern farmhouses and all-white kitchens. Check out these three home interior trends to avoid in 2024.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style is one style designers are begging homeowners to leave in 2023. The modern farmhouse style includes white shiplap, inspirational quotes as artwork (Live. Laugh. Love.), the bench dining table, farm sinks, and especially barn doors. While some of these elements remain Midwest favorites, we especially hope to part ways with sliding barn doors, as they are one of the most impractical design features that fail to perform the necessary functions of a door, such as privacy and blocking sound and smells. Overall, Modern Farmhouse as a trend has been slowly fading throughout the past two years, but the design world hopes homeowners start leaning into details that point to classical craftsmanship, like trim, columns, antiques, and molding.

Overly Minimalistic 

Less is no longer more in 2024! The world is shifting away from the minimalist style as it makes the home feel sterile and lacks personality. Along with the overly minimalist style, we are also saying goodbye to the all-white look that can cause a home to feel cold and lonely. Similarly, certain shades of gray accents are becoming less foundational as they often limit spaces to cooler tones that contribute to the clinical feeling of the minimalistic style. In 2024, we aren’t playing it safe; we are looking for layered spaces full of colors and pieces that make your home feel homey.

Open Floor Plans 

We are closing the door on the open floor. Ever since the height of the Pandemic, people have seen the benefit of a closed floor plan with designated spaces for their various activities. For those with big families or who work from home, having doors shut and cozier spaces can be a lifesaver. Additionally, the open floorplan can pose a challenge to the increasingly smaller square footage homes people are moving into, as it reduces options for how to break up the limited space. Naturally, some people will always prefer the open floor plan, and our team is happy to help decide which works best for your lifestyle.

If one of your goals is to update or remodel your home, we’d love to help you create a space that feels like yours while avoiding these old trends.  Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

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