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3 Ways to Improve your Outdoor Living Space


Picture this: it’s a balmy, summer day. You have a cold drink in one hand as you lounge in a chair soaking up the sun’s rays. Your favorite song drifts through the air. No, you’re not on a beach somewhere in Mexico, but rather the comfort of your own backyard enjoying your new outdoor living space.

Not only do outdoor living spaces help increase the value of your home, but they increase the functionality of your day-to-day life. With an outdoor living space, the door opens up to new ways of cooking, such as grilling. Relaxation opportunities are easily accessible by creating a new space for lounging and connecting with nature, not to mention giving you an opportunity to absorb some Vitamin D from the sun. If you love entertaining in your home, an outdoor living space is a must. These spaces often become hosting hits. 

Yet, it can be hard to know where to begin and how to determine what type of space you want. To help you craft your perfect outdoor living experience, we’re sharing our top three requested backyard projects and defining the difference.

1. Decks


To be considered a deck, the structure must be elevated off the ground. Decks are especially a good choice when the ground is too uneven in your backyard for a patio or when the back door isn't ground-level. Many homeowners love the way decks help create structure and a clear seating area in their backyard.

However, note that decks requires more maintenance work, than patios, such as staining and power washing, since it is built with wood. They also tend to be more expensive, due to labor and material costs.

2. Patios


Unlike decks, patios are paved in the ground and they don't have to be located directly outside your back door. Patios tend to provide more privacy than decks since they aren’t elevated into the sight line of your neighbors. They can also help emphasize your personal style depending on the material and pattern you select. 

Patios run the risk of losing their original luster from sun fading and natural staining. If the soil shifts beneath the pavement, they can crack. However, in general, patios require minimal maintenance, and last longer than other structures.  They also tend to be more affordable than decks.

3. Pergolas

Backyard Pool

For plant lovers, we recommend installing a pergola. These exposed structures allow for a breeze and protection from the sun’s harsh ray’s thanks to often having a roof of sorts. Commonly, these structures are used by gardeners for vines and other climbing plants. They can be paired with a patio and stylized with curtains and comfortable furniture. They often become the focal point of your backyard by creating texture and elegance. Furthermore, despite being an open structure, they can be helpful in creating privacy depending on how one decorates their pergola.


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