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Guide to Hosting the Holidays: Double Ovens

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As turkeys go on sale and Christmas decorations pop-up, you’re either sweating because your whole family is about to descend from every corner of the country or you’re breathing a sigh of relief because it’s not your turn to host… but next year is. Every cranberry and premature jingle bell is simply a reminder that you have to magically cram 40 of your closest relatives into your poorly designed home. You just know your mother-in-law is going to notice the worn down carpet, and in turn, not-so-gently mention it to the entire family. 

Then comes the cooking. Something you once found joy in, but is now tainted by the extremely dysfunctional layout of your kitchen. You dream of a kitchen remodel, even though you know it can’t be done before the holidays this year (remember, it can take up to 6 months for a kitchen).  But, it can be done before next year’s holiday season. Now it's time to start making your dream kitchen wishlist (and checking it twice!) before hosting another holiday soiree. And we have a few suggestions as well, starting with something that will help improve your cooking process immensely: a double oven. Before you cook up a plan to invest in one, though, be sure you know the pros and cons of a double oven.

Yay: Improved Functionality

This reason alone is often enough to convince people to purchase a double oven. If you’ve ever overseen cooking for your family’s holiday celebration, you know the whole time you’re wishing for two things, more space and more time. The coordination required to cook a turkey, warm the dinner rolls, and heat-up the sweet potato casserole while keeping everything at the right temperature feels more difficult than working at NASA. For those who cook frequently, this problem extends beyond the holidays. 

Luckily, years ago, some genius decided to create a double oven. The world of cooking and baking has never been the same. Not only does it give you more time, as you can be cooking and baking two different dishes at one time, but it also saves you the stress of trying to schedule everything you’re cooking.  This will also free up more of your time in the kitchen. Now you can slide your pans in and go spend more time with your visiting relatives… unless you need an escape. In that case, we suggest you take a mini-break in your master bathroom.

Nay: Can Reduce Cabinet Space

If the double oven you’re dreaming of is a wall oven, meaning it isn’t attached to a stovetop range, then it may end up


reducing your original cabinet space, as it will be taking the spot where cabinets most likely originally stood. For some people, this isn’t a huge issue. For others, losing storage space is a huge no-no. Don’t fret, however, as there are solutions. You can choose a Range double oven, where the oven has one regular sized cooking chamber, and a smaller chamber stacked about it, with a stove range on top. This appliance would then simply replace the spot of your current oven and stove, thus not absorbing any cabinet space. 

Another solution could be to add cabinets in another location of your kitchen, if there is enough space. Or, you could consider adding a pantry. This way, if you have your heart set on a wall mounted double oven, you’ll lose the space but make up for it in another area. 

Yay: Added Flair to the Kitchen

A double oven will immediately give you bragging rights among your friends. Not only will you be able to cook multiple masterpieces at once, but you’ll be able to elevate the entire look of your kitchen. Today, double ovens come in numerous colors and styles, meaning there is one sure to catch your eye. Whether you’re looking for a splash of color or a way to make the room sleek and contemporary, I guarantee there is a design for it. 

Nay: Can be Pricey

Often, a place to save money in a kitchen remodel is through the appliances, especially if you don’t cook often. Those dedicated to the culinary arts or who tend to cook frequently, would disagree. But, if you find yourself wanting to save on your appliances, a double oven may not be for you. The average price range we see is $2500-$4000, though you can find some as low as $1200 and others as high as $10,000. It really depends on what you’re looking for in terms of functionality and brand. Of course, you can wait for prime sale weekends such as Memorial Day weekend or 4th of July, to snag the best deals. You can also, again, choose a double oven stove range instead of a wall mount oven.

So what if it is your turn to host next year? With this remodel, you could host every year. Planning on investing in a double oven will make your holiday cooking a dream. This appliance, paired with our other holiday hosting solutions, will make November and December of 2020 a stress-free and exciting holiday season. Get a head start, and meet with an OHi team member today to discuss next year’s project.


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