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FAQs of the OHi Kitchen Giveaway

Standard_FB_Twitter_ImageIf you have a question about the amazing giveaway OHi has opened up to community members, we hope you can find the answer here. If you need further clarification or have a question not listed, please contact us at (847) 541-4848.

Why is OHi Giving Away a Kitchen Makeover?

In an age of skepticism, we know it sounds too good to be true. But as a family business, we’re always looking for ways to give back to the communities we love. This giveaway offers the opportunity not only for us to give back, but for residents to join in the spirit of generosity and kindness.  We want to challenge everyone to stop, look around and see the good that lives right next door. We genuinely want to show our kindness to the kindest community member we can find. 

Why a Video Nomination?

On the form, there is a place to write out why you are nominating your person, however, we would love to receive a video nomination. It helps convey more emotion and gives you the space to say more about your nominee than your words may allow. It helps your nomination become more personal. If you’re worried about this part of the giveaway due to not understanding technology, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to film and submit your nomination straight from your phone. If this part fills you with dread because you have to go on camera, just think of the person you’re nominating, and how a moment of discomfort is worth it in the long run.  If it is impossible for you to submit a video, we will accept a detailed description of why your nominee should win. 

Who Can I Nominate?

This tends to be the second most challenging aspects of our giveaway, right behind filming the nomination. Why? It’s probably because too many people think their nominee has to be the person who cures cancer or who emulates Mother Theresa on a daily basis. This is not the case (though, if you do know people like that, please nominate them). You can nominate just about anyone so long as they have had a positive impact on your life or the lives of others. It can be an amazing parent that goes above and beyond for their children or a coach who taught you more than how to throw a three-pointer. If someone doesn’t automatically come to mind, think of any friends or family members who may be a nurse, teacher, fire fighter, police officer, or EMT. Think of veterans or non-profit champions. Think of that friend who always volunteers. 

Why is it Limited to a 20 Mile Radius Around Arlington Heights?

While we would love for this to be a Chicago-wide giveaway, we simply can’t service that large of an area. As a northwest suburban-based company, we chose Arlington Heights due to its centrality in that area. We frequently work in suburbs that are within that 20-mile radius. If you have questions about the radius in regards to the person you want to nominate, please give us a call at (847) 541-4848. 

Also, if you live outside the radius, you are still able to nominate someone else, so long as they live within the boundaries. 

Why is the Deadline Short and Wait Time Long?

Many people note that the nomination window is pretty short, October 15-31, and they wonder why. We chose a shorter nomination window because we know how people can get with giveaways. They see it, think it’s a good idea, but instead of doing it right away, they put it on their to-do list. Then it just sits there. For days. Weeks. Until, finally, it’s too late. You think about how it was a nice idea, but you’ll just have to wait until another opportunity comes around. 

We don’t want this to happen. Instead, since the window is short, we hope that people will do it right away and nominate their hero straight from their phone

When on the subject of the timeline, people also ask why the winner won’t be announced until December. The reason? We want to give ourselves proper time to review each nomination. We hope to do a few interviews with our top five candidates to a.) ensure they would actually be interested in a kitchen makeover and b.) to hear more of their story in person. 

We hope these answers help and inspire you to submit your nomination today!

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