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6 Ways to Entertain in Your Kitchen with Ease


Kitchen with breakfast area and large island

Entertaining during the holiday season can be very chaotic with making sure the turkey is stuffed, all of Aunt Karen’s requests are met, and everything is precisely the way Grandma does it. Oh, and of course, the in-laws are coming this year. With all the stress of the holiday season, your kitchen setup shouldn’t be a part of that. Check out these six ways to entertain in your kitchen with ease.

Entertaining with ease starts with the flow and functionality of your kitchen. Setting the flow of your kitchen begins in the design phase. If you enjoy hosting and entertaining often, you will want an open-concept kitchen to maximize your space. Having preplanned work zones in your kitchen will optimize the functionality of your prep and cooking time while giving each helping hand a place to be without bumping elbows.

No Man is an Island 

An island provides extra counter space, creates comfortable seating, and designates a natural walking path. Islands open space on your perimeter counters as they can house your microwave and other small appliances. You can also add a prep sink to your island, which saves time and reduces traffic by eliminating the need to go back and forth to the main sink. Prep sinks also minimize the chance of cross-contamination when you wash dishes and prep food in the same sink.

"Do I Need to Separate You Two?"

Separating your cooktop and oven opens cabinet space while dividing work zones. A popular trend is building a cooktop with a range hood and a double oven into the wall or island. Double ovens are perfect for holidays like Thanksgiving when you need to cook your turkey and pies simultaneously.

Don't Be Late!

One of the hardest parts of entertaining is timing. Deciding when to start cooking so that you’re done before guests arrive but not too early so the food is cold when it’s time to eat takes a level of preparation the most seasoned host struggles to accomplish. Our solution is to put a warming drawer under your stove or in your island. Warming drawers keep your food warm, so you don’t have to worry about reheating the whole meal when cousin Dave is inevitably late.

Fill it Up!

Pot fillers above the stove are life savers when entertaining, especially for pasta dinner. Pot fillers allow you to run water directly into the pot on the stove without worrying about one of the kids running into it while carrying the heavy pot back and forth. 

Drinks on Us 

If you entertain often, an important feature to consider when designing the flow of your kitchen is a beverage station. Beverage stations are the creme de la creme of hosting features. You can add extra counter space and cabinets, install a beverage cooler that frees space in your main fridge, and even display your wine on a built-in wine rack. If you don’t want your guests drinking your best vintage wines, it's not a problem. Your secret is safe with us when you install a pull-out wine rack in one of the cabinets.

Let's Get Organized

Having a well-organized kitchen is the key for entertaining to be a  breeze. Having your items organized and easily accessible will help cut down prep time, as you won’t be scavenging through cabinets or going back and forth to the pantry. It's all there at the pull of a handle. Here are three of our favorite kitchen organization hacks: 

  1. Storage pull-outs. Spices, cookie sheets, serving trays, utensils, knife blocks, and pantry items are quickly accessible with storage pull-outs. Pull-outs also slimly fit between your cabinets, which maximizes cabinet space. Another pull-out we love is the trash can pull-out that keeps trash and recycling out of sight and contains odors.  
  2. Pegboard dividers can be added to any drawers and help organize bowls and pots. 
  3. Appliance garages hide house appliances like your microwave, which frees up counter space, hides clutter, keeps them clean, and makes your kitchen more visually appealing.


Get Started!

If you are your family’s go-to holiday host and are looking for a way to make entertaining easier next year, contact us today for a free in-home consultation. 


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