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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom with black vanity and gold accents

You start and end your day in the bathroom, yet, for most people, it’s the last place they think about remodeling. They let their bathroom become worn down and outdated when it should feel like an oasis, a place for you to escape and relax. Most people let their bathroom go forgotten because they are skeptical of Investing the money on a full remodel, and we understand that which is why we want to share our five reasons you should invest in a bathroom remodel.


Functionality in your bathroom is key to reducing time in your morning routine. You want a layout that provides an easy flow. Ways to achieve this include adding a double sink so there’s no more time wasted waiting for your partner to finish shaving or adding additional storage for all of your skincare products. From features to layout, your bathroom should be fully functional in every stage of life. For example, your walk-in shower may have been great when you were newlyweds, but now that there is a baby on the way, it’s probably time to install a bathtub in at least one of your bathrooms. On the flip side, if all of your kids have moved out and you’re now an empty nester, you can replace your original tub and shower unit with a walk-in shower complete with a built-in bench and a rail.

Damage Control 

One of the most common reasons our clients invest in their bathroom remodel is because a feature is broken, not working, or unsafe. For example, a clogged toilet, cracked floor, leaking sink, or faulty shower head. It’s also extremely common for people to avoid fixing these issues until they cause serious damage like flooding and mold growth. Though it can be tempting to ignore these issues, the sooner you fix the faulty pipe or replace the cracked flooring, the more you’ll save in the long run on constant plumber fees. Investing in a bathroom remodel prevents your home from copious amounts of damage and keeps your family safe.

Not Your Style 

Investing in your bathroom doesn’t just have to be purely logistical; it can also be for cosmetic purposes. If your bathroom fixtures are worn down and outdated or if you’re just simply tired of looking at the same colors, remodeling your bathroom can be the dopamine boost you need. A fresh coat of paint or a new vanity are simple and affordable upgrades to make your bathroom feel fresh. Maybe you want to create a whole new space and turn your bathroom into the luxurious spa you always needed with high-end fixtures and a calming color scheme. Or maybe you’ve recently updated the rest of your home and don’t want your bathroom to stick out as the outdated sore thumb. Whatever the reason, new light fixtures, floors, hardware, and fixtures can be just the thing to make the place you start and end your day reflect your true style.

New Features & Technology

Staying up to date with all the bathroom technology advances may not be a priority in your life, but having them in your home is a major convenience. Heated and slip-resistant flooring, overflow drains, bluetooth mirrors, and heated toilet seats will provide your family with comfort and protection that is worth the investment. Replacing your sinks and toilets with water-saving models and upgrading to LED light bulbs will reduce your electric and water bills and make your bathroom energy efficient. For examples of the newest bathroom technologies, check out our Get Smart About Your Bathroom or Smart Technology for Your Bathroom Remodel blogs.

High-Level ROI

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, a bathroom remodel provides a high return on investment. Buyers want to see fresh, updated bathrooms. They want to be able to walk in and picture themselves relaxing in the tub or where they will store all their beauty products. The most desired features worth your investment are double sinks, walk-in showers, and heated flooring. The best part of investing in your bathroom for the later reward is enjoying all of the features for yourself first. 


If your bathroom sink is leaking, there is a crack in the tub, or the ceiling is peeling, it may be time to invest in a bathroom remodel. We’d be happy to help you. If you’re worried about how much the investment might be, download our cost of a bathroom remodel guide here or contact us.


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