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Wined and Dined

This couple's home is still the family gathering place for holidays, so they wanted the basement bar to act as an overflow space for guests to go. The original bar had a wild lava lamp-esque pattern and limited cabinet space. There was originally a support beam in the middle of the kitchenette, making it feel cramped. To maximize the functionality of the space, our designer removed the bar and added a peninsula that the support beam seamlessly fits into. To increase storage, the designer added two-toned cabinets along the back and side walls. With the bar being the first thing you see when you come down the stairs, the client asked for a brick backsplash as the focal point. The bar area is now the highlight of the basement. Its simplistic urban aesthetic sets the tone for the whole space.  

Building Blocks for a Grown-Up Basement

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The Basement

Before: The basement transported you back to the 70s with its multicolor tiled floors and yellow walls. There were dropped ceilings and minimal lighting that made it feel dungeon-like. There were only two pendant lights and one table lamp to light the whole main room.  Your eye was immediately drawn to the pool table in the middle of the space. 

After:  The space feels brighter as the dropped ceilings are removed, and there are black  exposed beams with recessed can lighting. The multi-color tile has been replaced with Swiss Oak Truffles LVT flooring. There is a cohesive living area with a flat-screen TV and gray sectional. There are two floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on either end of a reading bench. The left wall has been opened with a custom black metal railing for the staircase. 

The Bar

Before: The bar was a unique lava print with a brown support beam in the middle of the space. There werethree open shelves on the back wall and one across the side wall above the fridge. The kitchenette had a stove, refrigerator, and sink. There were laminate countertops and dark wood drawers on the right side wall. The left side wall had a mural with a horse scene. There were drop ceilings with two fluorescent lights. 

After: The bar has been replaced with a peninsula with white quartz countertops and an olive green base. There are green base and light wood wall cabinets along the back and side walls with a brick backsplash and quartz countertops. There are two long open shelves between cabinets on the back wall and a wine rack between the cabinets on the right. The drop ceilings have been taken out, and there's now exposed black beams with canned lighting and two black pendants. There is cabinet lighting to highlight the backsplash and brighten the space. 

Products Used

Flooring: Adura Rigid Swiss Oak Truffle LVT 

Upper Bar Cabinetry: Sorrento Clear Adler in Loft 

Base Bar Cabinetry: Sorrento MDF in Sweet Pea

Bar Backsplash Tile: Paramount New York 4x8 Brick in Broadway

Bar Island and Backwall Countertops: Vadara Quartz in Polished Bella Dolce

Bar Sink Counter and Window Bench Top: Vadara Quartz in Petra Grigio

Bookcase and Bench Cabinetry: Sorrento Clear Alder in Loft  

Bar Sink: Kohler 24x18 Strive Bar Sink & Strainer in Stainless

Bar Faucet Kohler Purist Single Hole Pullout in Matte Black



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