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Your dedicated designer and project manager will work with you to ensure every detail of your Chicagoland home remodel is perfect.  Here’s what you can expect throughout each step of our process!

Step 1

Initial Contact

During your first conversation with us, we'll discuss the basics regarding your project, including the scope of work, your budget, and timeframe. Then, we’ll schedule our team to come out for your complimentary in-home consultation.  To get started, you can either call us at (847) 541-4848, or you can fill out this form, and we'll call you!

What does a kitchen or bath remodel cost?

Check out one of the guides below to get a better understanding of the costs associated with investing in a kitchen or bath remodel for your home.

Step 2

In-Home Consultation

At your in-home consultation, we’ll discuss the details of what you want done, your likes, dislikes, any pain points you’re currently experiencing, and your overall vision for your space. Our team will also take detailed measurements and share some ideas with you as well!  

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Step 3

Ballpark Budget

Within a week of your in-home consultation, we’ll provide you with a ballpark budget. This budget will be an estimated range of what your project could cost, based on the measurements we took and the conversations we had during your in-home consultation.

Step 4

Design Retainer

To move forward with the creative process of designing, putting together a detailed scope estimate, and creating a 3D drawing, we ask for a signed design retainer and a small deposit. Should you choose to work with us, it will also be the first step towards paying for your project.

Read more about why we ask for a Design Deposit. 

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Step 5

Showroom Appointment

As soon as we receive your design retainer, we will get to work on designing your space!  Two to three weeks later, we will schedule a showroom appointment.  During this visit, we will present an initial estimate, a story board with possible selections, initial blueprints, and 3D renderings where we will virtually walk through what your space could look like. The initial estimate is a detailed scope budget containing mid-range allowances based on the size of your space. Since the initial estimate is made up of allowances, keep in mind that the final estimate may be slightly higher or lower, based on your chosen selections.

Step 6

Post Presentation Decision

The showroom presentation is a lot to take in, so you can either agree to the initial estimate and schedule the first selections meeting. Or, you can take more time to think about it, before moving forward.  

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Step 7

Selections Meeting(s)

In the showroom, you and your designer will select the actual materials that will be used for your project, such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures, etc. Deciding which specific materials and finishes you want to include in your home can be an exhausting process since there are so many options to decide on for each line item.  However, your designer will be there for you every step of the way, to help guide you through the selections process with ease. Though, with so many decisions to make, you may have roughly 2-6 meetings before all selections are finalized.

Read more about what to expect during the selections process

Step 8

Finalize the Estimate

Once all of the selections are finalized, the initial estimate will be updated, and the mid-range allowances will be replaced with the actual values for your chosen selections. This means that the final estimate may end up being slightly higher or lower than the initial estimate, based on your selections.  After you sign off on the finalized contract, we ask for another deposit towards your project.

Step 9

In For Permit

Drawings will be updated with the finalized selections and they must be signed off on, before submitting for permit. Depending on the village, it can take 4-6 weeks to get approval. During this time, all of your materials will be ordered and arriving to our warehouse. To ensure your home is under construction for as little time as possible, we wait until all materials are in, before proceeding further.

Step 10

Pre-Construction Walk Through

Once the permit is approved and all materials are in, we will schedule an in-home walk through with our team. This is when you will meet your designated project manager (PM) for the first time.  Together, your PM and your designer will walk the space, go over the details of your project, ask questions, give you the project start date, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 11


Throughout the entire course of your project, your designer and PM will make regular site visits, monitor progress, and communicate what is happening next.  Your project manager oversees the actual construction phase, which helps keep your project on track with its timeline and budget. He ensures on-site safety, cleanliness, and craftsmanship, coordinates with all the required trades, he handles the rough and final inspections with your village, and he is the main point of contact should an unforeseen issue arise.  Also, at the beginning of construction and at specified points throughout, there will be progress payments due once certain benchmarks are met.

Step 12

Project Completion

Once all construction is completed and the final inspections are passed, we will walk through your space with you to make sure you’re thrilled with every detail of your project.  We’ll collect the final payment and schedule our photographer to take photos of your beautiful new space.  Our goal at the end of every project is to ensure that our clients love the end result.  Our clients become a part of our family, and not only do they come back for additional projects (and request team members by name), but they also refer their friends and family to us!  Over the years, we’ve worked with client’s children, parents, and grandparents!


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