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Storage Blues

Originally, these homeowners considered adding an island to help increase countertop space and storage. However, after practicing with their dog crate, they decided it would hamper the flow of their kitchen.

Instead, to increase their storage, these clients had a standalone cabinet created to act as a drop-off zone. To help it stand out, they selected a rich navy blue. Topped with the same quartz as the surrounding countertops, this piece felt like a natural progression from the rest of the kitchen with just a dash of excitement. It remained detached from the wall, allowing the homeowners to relocate it if their taste or needs changed.

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The Kitchen

Before: With yellow painted walls, and a fruit patterned trim, this kitchen was loud and bright. The cabinets were truncated by soffits. The countertops were dated and the appliances were mismatched. The only light source was a single light in the middle of the ceiling. 

After: The soffits are removed and the new, white cabinets extend to the ceiling. The walls are painted a neutral color that pairs nicely with the multi-color teardrop backsplash that adds warmth and dimension. Can lights are added throughout the room to create even, helpful lighting everywhere. New, quartz countertops are installed along with new tile floors.

The Appliances

Before: The white refrigerator was overly large and distracted from the overall design since it didn't match the stainless steel range. The drop off zone had lower cabinets and the upper cabinets were limited by the soffits. 

After: The upper cabinets extend to the ceiling after the soffits are removed and the lower cabinet storage is improved with the installation of lower drawers. The new fridge is properly sized and the finish matches the rest of the appliances. 

Products Used

Perimeter Cabinetry: Sorrento in Chantilly Lace

Surface: Hanstone Mercer

Foyer Flooring: Adura Cape May in Seagull





Sink: Kohler Smart Divide

Faucet: Moen

Flooring: Emser St. Moritz II

Backsplash: Cresta Blanco

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