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Andrea Shoop

Kitchen & Bath Designer

After gaining years of experience working with various high-end design firms in Chicago, we are glad to have Andrea Shoop on our team. Not only does she have a sharp eye for design, but her bubbly personality and great sense of humor brighten everybody’s day in the office, and makes her a favorite with clients as well.

Andrea has always embraced her creativity. She spent 11 years in graphic design, before deciding that she wanted to transition to a more people-oriented career. With the various textures, materials and colors involved, she instantly fell in love with kitchen and bath design. After diligently working to get her degree and a variety of certifications, she was thrilled to start bringing other people’s visions for their homes to life. Her greatest strengths include finding the best ways to organize a space and listening to the clients to ensure she finds the right solutions for them and their lifestyle.  

When she is not in the office, you can often find her with a good book, watching her son’s hockey games, or outside biking and gardening. If you ever get a chance to meet Andrea, you should be sure to ask her how she clandestinely found her rescue dog, Gabby, who has become a staple to her family.  


Remodeling can feel very stressful for clients. Things get messy, and before the space becomes beautiful, there is a period of demolition, which can feel chaotic to an outsider. My encouragement to clients, however, is that we work on projects like this every day and we will get you through the chaos. Not only that, but it will be worth it once you see your finished remodel."

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