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The Best Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day


Here at OHi, we absolutely love moms! Without their wisdom, we think the world would be a lot more chaotic, and a lot less warm. There is magic in a mom’s hug. There is healing in her voice when she picks up the phone or gives you her guiding voice. Moms should be celebrated and honored every day, but they should especially be celebrated on Mother’s Day. Too often, people rush through the celebration or fail to think of creative ways to celebrate. Not this year, because we are here to help! We hope our ideas for cards, food, gifts, and quality time help this to be one of the best Mother’s Day celebrations ever.

The Food

For those who often rely on mom’s cooking for every family get-together and holiday, it’s a must that your mom doesn’t step foot in a kitchen. She deserves a break! Perhaps you’re a whiz in the kitchen and want to whip her up the best three-course meal imaginable. Or maybe the simple act of you looking at a frying pan causes the food before your eyes to burn. Either way, we’ve got you covered with our favorite mother’s day recipes and the best brunch spots in town. 

For Breakfast in Bed:

For Brunch

For Dinner

For Dessert

Best Mother’s Day DIning Experiences Near Us: 

The Gift

While it is true that the best gift comes from the heart, and that your mom will appreciate anything you buy for her, there are definitely gifts that are a step above the drugstore teddy bear holding a heart that says “I love you this much”. Take the time to actually consider who your mom is. What are her hobbies? Does she have a specific need that she won’t splurge on? Is there a pop culture character, show, book that she loves? Does she collect anything? These questions can help you determine a meaningful gift that you might not find in the get rid of pile at the end of the year. If you need a little help, consider one of the following gift packs to assemble for your mom. 

For the one who needs to relax

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a single mom in the world who couldn’t use a little “me-time”. From packing lunches during the school years to taking their adult children’s phone calls at every hour of the day, they don’t just deserve a spa day, but rather a private island that they could jet off to at any hour of the day. Unfortunately, that’s a little out of our budget. Instead, consider crafting the best at-home spa kit. 

  • A Robe: We can’t stop obsessing over the Hill House Women’s Hotel Robe. The plush fabric will help carry your mom away on a cloud of comfort and coziness. However, if you need a robe in a fast turn-around, consider checking out Macy’s, Nordstrom, or even Target )which has some incredibly cute pajama sets if you want to take it a step further). 

  • Infusing Water Bottle: What would be a trip to the spa without a glass of chilled fruit-infused water featuring lemons or strawberries? Bring the delicious, rejuvenating water to your mom with a fruit Infuser water bottle. We recommend the Infusion Pro water bottle, which can be purchased on Amazon.

  • Facial Equipment: Choosing a facial product can be incredibly overwhelming. There are countless options available, yet unless you try each one, it’s hard to measure up the quality. Luckily, the editorial team at Harper’s Bazaar did it for us. Choose one of the masks from their list of “The 27 Best Face Masks of All Time”. Whether you’re in the market for a full facial kit or a sheet mask, this list is extensive. Feel free to purchase a few options to help bulk up your kit.
    To help accent the facial, add something that focuses on the eyes. Ditch the cucumbers, and buy your mom these reusable eye pads (designed to look like cucumbers). They will help provide rejuvenation while reducing puffiness. 
  • A Foot Spa: Nothing says relaxation like a soothing massage. And while nothing can replace a massage therapist, there are various at-home spa tools that can achieve a similar effect. Our favorite is hands down the foot spa. Similar to face masks, it can be a daunting task choosing the best one, which is why we turned to The Spruce, who created a list of six foot spas to check out

  • Additional Items to Consider: While the above items are plenty, choosing to go the extra step by including bonus gifts can add a hint of fun and personalization. A calming candle or essential oils can help set the mood with the right scent. Whereas adding a bubble bath can nudge your mom towards the ultimate relaxation. If you want to help your mom shut out the world, find her a silky smooth or weighted eye mask, which can help her doze off for a much-needed nap on her at-home spa day. Have fun with it. You know your mom better than anyone else and know which gifts she’d appreciate most. 

When you run out of time: A gift card to Orawan Well Being Spa in Arlington Heights or another local spa.

For the Bookworm 

  • Noise Canceling Headphones: One of the greatest gifts you can give a reader is peace and quiet. Luckily, technology is here to help. While you can’t go wrong with these Sony noise-canceling headphones, there are multiple different offerings from Bose to Apple, as well as some off-brand, cheaper choices. 

  • A Book: While this seems obvious (because it is), there are a few ways to make your book selection a success. First, consider what genre you often see your mom consuming and try to stick within that lane. Once you narrow that down, check out a list of latest releases, such as the Goodreads Most Popular List. If you want to take a sentimental route, select your favorite book of all time, and write a note on the inside cover explaining why. This will help give your mom and look inside your mind, and a chance to deepen your connection. If neither of those routes works, opt for a crowd-pleaser, such as a Kristin Hannah book or a beautiful edition of a Jane Austen book. 

  • A Journal: Let the bookworm become the writer. Often, readers love to try their hand at writing, either in the form of journaling or storytelling. Either way, a beautiful journal will be greatly appreciated. Check out Papier or Paper Source for a beautiful selection. If you’re looking for a way to help your mom tell her story, consider purchasing a journal with specific writing prompts, such as this one from Target. Not only will they enjoy reminiscing, but this will become a beloved keepsake for the whole family as time goes on. 

  • Tea: While this is a major generalization, many book lovers are also tea connoisseurs. If that is the case, including their favorite tea will score you major points. However, as this is a themed gift, consider purchasing one of the many literary-themed teas found on Etsy. Not only will this be a fun nod to some of her favorites, but she will melt at the creativity. 

  • Additional items to consider: When thinking of additional items for this gift, keep coziness in mind. Throw in their favorite decadent chocolate (which honestly, should be a given in any Mother’s Day gift). Consider taking your gift to the next step with bookmarks, literary totes, or Penguin Publishing postcards. If they’re a writer, throw in their favorite pens (every writer has one). If they have an impressive at-home library, consider buying them bookplates. Let your imagination run wild. 

When you run out of time: A subscription to Book of the Month

The Activity

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate your mom is through the gift of quality time. While this can look like a movie marathon with all your favorite snacks, a family lunch, or a shopping spree, sometimes opting for a unique experience can not only make her feel special, but it can create a memory that will last a lifetime. Here are a few ideas of fun experiences.

Get Swept Away by the Art

The art scene in Illinois is exploding right now. There are various exhibits for you and your mom to explore. Whether you take a look at the Monet exhibit featured at the Art Institute, or you jump inside the works at the Immersive Van Gogh Installation, there is so much to see.

Other art exhibits to consider: The Art of Banksy, Sistine Chapel Exhibition, WNDR Museum

Take an Architecture Tour

Explore Chicago more than you ever have with a riverboat architecture tour. Not only will you get to take incredible sights of the city, but you get a fun day on the water. 

Make it an Overnight Trip

Depending on your preferences, there are a few great locations for an overnight trip. If you love shopping and relaxing, check out Lake Geneva, WI. If you and your mom like hiking and nature, consider an overnight trip to Starved Rock and stay in Utica while exploring the antique shops or going horseback riding.

The Words

For some, it is extremely challenging to articulate how they feel about people. However, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try, because it can be so important to know how someone feels about you. As a mother, it can sometimes feel like a thankless job. It can feel like all your effort goes unnoticed. This is why words of affirmation are important. On Mother’s Day, make sure to consider calling your mom to tell her how you feel. Write a kind Facebook post honoring her. Or, write a card detailing what she means to you. If you don’t know where to start, answer these four questions and take the content, and craft it into a tribute.

  1. What are your favorite characteristics of your mom?
  2. What are some life lessons she taught you?
  3. What is one of your favorite memories with your mom?
  4. How does your mom love you well?

The next step is to tell her. It doesn't matter the format, so long as she knows that you were thinking of her and you recognize the wonderful, multi-faceted person that she is. 

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