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Soffit Removal to Modernize Your Kitchen


The modern kitchen is the dream of many homeowners. Whether you are looking to create more space or improve the design aesthetic of your kitchen, soffit removal can help in modernizing your kitchen. The kitchen soffit can be challenging to remove, but we have you covered. Today, our design team dives into the options to replace your soffit and how we can overcome any structural objections that may stand in your way to give you the ultimate modernized kitchen.

Are you wondering what a soffit is? A kitchen soffit is the space typically above the cabinets and below where the wall starts that is used to hide electrical and other mechanical components of your home. This clunky space really causes the kitchen to seem tighter and less open. The modern kitchen typically utilizes a very open floor plan. Like many elements of interior design, soffits were a very common design technique utilized in older homes. These soffits unfortunately offer no added functionality and really are in the way of more appealing alternatives.

Soffit removal can instantly modernize your kitchen. The soffit makes the kitchen look smaller while also adding unnecessary space consumption to the room. As designs have advanced, there are much more effective and modern ways to hide the electrical, plumbing or duct work that once deemed soffits necessary. Here are some options to replace the soffit:

Add Additional Cabinetry

You can easily remove the soffit and add additional cabinetry. These can be a different design than the standard cabinetry they sit above. Sometimes a popular feature is glass inserts in the cabinetry where you can showcase fine China or put your higher end kitchenware that is used on special occasions


Instead of adding cabinetry, you can just utilize the extra space to open the design a bit. Removing soffits can make your ceiling appear higher for a more elegant and modern look. The extra space can hold additional shelving units, artwork, or simply work as additional storage. Removing soffits can create a different feature in the kitchen to become the main focal point and can also make the kitchen appear lighter and brighter.

Extend Cabinets

A great way to utilize the space is to extend the cabinet height. Taller cabinets can offer sophistication to deliver a different and unique modern kitchen. Instead of utilizing extra open space, the closed extended cabinets can offer less cluttering. This way bulky and less appealing items aren’t stacked on top of the cabinetry.

It is important to understand that removing the soffit in your kitchen can be challenging. Most of the time there are integral structural elements that hide behind the soffit. Drilling into a soffit can result in hazardous outcomes. There is a good chance you can hit some type of plumbing or puncture live electrical wire. This can be dangerous and really should be left to a professional contractor. Getting a copy of the architectural blueprint of the kitchen can help you understand what is behind the soffit. We would recommend having a contractor consulted before any type of DIY projects are started.

While kitchen soffit used to be very popular in kitchen design, it’s no longer appealing for the modern kitchen. Today’s kitchen takes a more functional approach to utilizing the space. Take a look at our recent projects to see some great examples, from the best home remodelers in Chicagoland. From extra space to additional storage, soffit removal can truly modernize your kitchen. If you are considering


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