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Save Some Fun For a Rainy Day

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Most people love sunshine more than life itself. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re probably from Chicago, a city that sometimes forgets what sunshine looks like. Yes, it’s true that there can be sunshine in the morning, rain in the afternoon, and snow in the evening. For the most part, however, we get rain. Lots of rain. You wake up one morning thinking that it's the perfect day to head to the forest preserve, however, by the time you're ready to go, it's raining! It can really put a damper on a good mood. There is a solution, however, and no, it doesn’t require you to move to Florida, although that is always a tempting option. Instead, we crafted a list of rainy day activities!

Take the Time to Celebrate


It is time to fight the rainy day blues with a strong dose of fun and joy, which is why a rainy day is the perfect time to host an impromptu party! Call up your good friends and favorite family members (no need to invite your nosy, judgmental aunt to this one, if you don't want to!) and save them from their own rainy day blues. Make a run to the nearest grocery store and stock up on good food and great drinks. This option would work in any run of the mill home, but is especially successful if you have an in-home bar, like this one. While it isn’t necessary, it is helpful as it creates the perfect ambiance while supplying all the best tools to serve delightful drinks. Don’t have an in-home bar? What about that unfinished basement you keep promising to do something with? Now is the time. Not only can you convert the whole space into an adult playground, complete with a game section and tv space, but you can fully escape any reminder of rain. Without windows, you can’t see what the weather is like outside. Therefore, you and your guests can get lost in the fun of each other’s company. 

For the perfect party drinks, look no further than these recommendations from the OHi team:

Tammy: For a summertime drink, think pink with a nice rosé

Teri: Kim Crawford Chardonnay   

Dove: Evolution Big Time Red

Sarah: Vodka Lemonade in the summer and Moscow Mules whenever

Kim: Peach Sangria

John: Summer Solstice (Here’s the recipe: Raspberry Vodka, Cointreau, Orange Juice, Lime)


Cozy Up With the Family


Perhaps, rainy days hold a special place in your soul. You love the pitter-patter of rain, the rumble of thunder, and the brilliant flashes of lightning. Of course, you don’t want to go out, but you also don’t feel the need to spend time with groups of people. In fact, this is a great excuse to cancel plans and hunker down for a day of rest and relaxation or to simply embrace the precious moments of life with your family.  For you, we recommend a movie marathon. Choose a room in your house with a t.v. and windows so you can have the best of both worlds: watching the rainstorm from the comfort of your home and the entertainment of some frothy romantic comedy or intriguing mini-series. We always recommend fuzzy socks and cozy blankets for this sort of occasion.

 If you’re watching with your spouse or children, this works best in an open concept living room like this one. This way, you can add in other fun activities like baking or cooking dinner without having to constantly pause the movie. It also will give you optimal space for when you decide to build a fort or to watch your kids play a mildly risky game of “The Floor is Lava”. Have a closed off kitchen? Consider changing the layout to connect it to your living room.

Can’t decide what movie or show to watch? Try one of our team's suggestions!

Tammy: P.S. I Love You

Teri: Binge a new series on Netflix, after all, there is such a wide variety that there is sure to be something for your mood

Dove: You’ve Got Mail, The Wedding Date or Bridget Jones’ Diary

Sarah: Crazy, Stupid Love, Miss Congeniality or the Harry Potter movie series… but only if they’re on t.v. 

Kim: Garden State

John: While he doesn’t watch the same movie twice, he can recommend that you check out the show Animal Kingdom


The Rain Never Bothered You Anyway


Of course, you could be the person who doesn't love the rain, but at the same time, it doesn't necessarily stop you from leaving the house. In fact, you see it as the perfect time to get out and explore a new place sans crowd. This is especially true for families who hate their house. Being forced to stay in will only remind them of every single little thing that just doesn't work. The layout is wonky, the windows are drafty, and you’re panicked that the basement might leak, leading to the destruction of your carpet or hardwood floors. You’d rather leave the house and pretend like you don’t live there for an afternoon. Naturally, we would recommend that you consider remodeling your space and invest in better materials for your basement. In fact, on the next rainy day where you want to get out of the house, stop by our showroom

Others who also may prefer to leave their house on a rainy day: parents with little kids, those whose house is under construction, thrill seekers, and ducks… obviously. For everyone who falls in this category, including those escaping the perils of their home’s design and function, we recommend you check out our comprehensive guide to fun. If nothing on that list suits you, consider one of the following team recommendations: 

Tammy: Visit a friend's house or shopping at the Woodfield Mall

Teri: Shopping at the Oak Brook Mall

Dove: Pop over to the local movie theater

Sarah: Museum of Science and Industry

Kim: Painting and wine class with a friend, or Color Me Mine with her daughter

John: Calo’s Ristorante in Andersonville

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