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Our Home Design Wish List for 2021


'Tis the season to be surrounded by wish lists from friends, family, and stores highlighting the must have products for this holiday season. Due to the fact that a remodel can take up to six months to be completed (or more if it's an addition), we thought we'd share our wish list for 2021 instead of 2020. Each of these items are trends we expect to continue trending upward throughout the new year. 

1. At-Home Work Space

One 2020 trend that we don't see going anywhere is working from home. After all, many believe that working from home can help increase productivity, save on overhead for companies, and result in higher employee satisfaction.  Even if your company adopts a hybrid model of some days in the the office and others at home, having a dedicated work space in your house can help maintain your productivity and create boundaries for a work-life balance. While many people have adapted and created make-shift offices in their guest rooms and basements, we have seen three popular remodeling trends that take working at home to the next level. 

  1. Additions: By far the most obvious and popular choice is to build an addition. While this is also the priciest option, many homeowners found it necessary as their families spent more time at home. Instead of finding a bigger space, many decided to make a bigger space. Right now, people are often building them with the purpose of an office that can one day be rearranged for a different function if the need arises. Here are a few of our favorite details we always recommend when designing an office:
    • Built-In Shelving: Many offices often include bookshelves. In fact, it's a trend to try and see the book titles on famous people's shelves when they're on an interview, and while you may not be famous, you probably wouldn't mind impressing your colleagues with your reading taste. By adding handcrafted built-in shelves, you take your office to a whole new level of sophistication. 
    • Windows: Nobody wants to be cramped inside a room all day without any natural sunlight. In fact, access to natural sunlight is one of the number one requested perks for employees to help boost their happiness. Which is why we always work with our clients to find the perfect windows. We will even help think through the best positions for your window  to introduce more light or to create a cross breeze. 
    • Proper Lighting: Dimly lit rooms can be hard on your eyesight and make it difficult to pull those occasional late night office hours. Allow us to help you find the perfect lighting situation for your space, whether it be a simple light switch, or our recommendation, adjustable lighting. Having various levels of brightness can help fit your needs depending on the project, as well as help adjust your mood, especially when you need a few minutes of relaxation. 
  2. Kitchen Islands: This may be the most accessible option on our list, considering many homeowners either add or update their current island when doing a kitchen remodel. The kitchen island has always been a multi-functional center for the home. However, during 2020, we have seen this become even more prominent, as busy parents need to keep an eye on their kids, or the whole family needs to work. The island, often a center hub, is perfect to hunker down and work. To make your island more accessible too working at home, we often encourage accessories like USB outlets to make your island a charging center and end cap storage to keep any office things you may need. Seating is a must, along with ensuring there is plenty of space so your family isn't right on tope of each other. 
  3. Custom Desks: While only a few of our clients take this route, we think it is an excellent option to help you ensure you get everything you need. One our previous clients had us craft a desk to put in an unused corner of the kitchen to help create a little more boundaries than working at the island. These custom desks are made with the same materials as our high quality kitchen cabinets, and durable quartz countertops. Not only are they unique, but they make a bold statement in whatever room it is stationed. 

2. A Touchless Faucet

It feels like you captured a little bit of magic in your home when a simple wave of the hands produces a steady stream of water. Touchless faucets aren’t just a shiny object made up to sell more faucets. In fact, touchless faucets were created to stand up against both the “creative” projects your kids built in the backyard dirt and the heavy duty cooking that has you juggling multiple pots, produce, and raw meat. Simply put, you won’t find a more functional kitchen faucet. The ease and immediacy these faucets provide is a luxury you will never want to give-up after experiencing it. 

In the age of COVID-19, the charm of a touchless faucet is increased. Now that many people are heightened germaphobes, the idea of one less surface to worry about hosting a party of germs is highly appealing. 

In fact, while touchless faucets have been around for some time, we have seen an uptick in requests from clients in recent months, with many absolutely loving the decision. 

We can't handle our excitement for these Touchless faucets:

  1. Simplice by Kohler
  2. Align MotionSense Wave by Moen
  3. Artifacts Pull-Down by Kohler

3. Smart Home Technology


Every year, it seems that the design world is awed by new and exciting smart technology for everything from appliances to lighting. Usually, new products are revealed at the beginning of the year during the many conventions hosted. While 2021 may look different, we still can’t wait to see what is  revealed. Even if nothing new is announced, there are various smart tech options for both kitchens and bathrooms that we have been in love with for a long time. 

With spending more and more time at home, the convenience and joy that comes with smart tech is a definite bonus. While we are sure many homes will add a Google Home or Amazon Alexa product to their makeup, we have dreams of taking the smart tech further with bigger installations.

For example, smart thermostats give us chills. Not only are these an incredible money saving opportunity by helping reduce energy costs, but they offer you the easiest control, from anywhere. You can create a setting to dictate when your heating adjusts based on your schedule. If there is a change, and someone comes home early and you need to adjust the temperature, you can control it right from your phone. 

Another category of smart tech we love is smart appliances. My personal favorite: the smart fridge. These include screens that help you keep track of everything from groceries to your families schedule. They can also play music and videos, a great feature if you want to follow along with your favorite cooking shows.

Smart Tech products we can't stop buzzing about:

  1. Verdera Voice Smart Mirror by Kohler
  2. DTV+ Smart Digital Shower System by Kohler
  3. Google Nest or Ecobee Thermostats
  4. LG ThinQ Fridge
  5. Ring Doorbell
  6. Philips Hue White and Ambiance Smart Lights

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