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Pointers To Protect Your Plumbing In Polar Conditions

Similar to how you call your mom for a recipe or your auto-mechanic uncle when your car makes a rumbling noise, sometimes you just need a little extra guidance from an expert! Consider us the family members to reach out to as your reliable resource for all things home-related. 

With that being said, here are a few tips from Project Manager Jeff Kolota to help protect your pipes throughout this nasty cold front we are experiencing

  • Protect the pipes in your basement from freezing or bursting by wrapping them with heat tape or insulated sleeves
  • Cover your water heater with an insulated blankets
  • Ensure all of your heating vents are open and easily accessible
  • Maintain a constant trickle of water throughout your faucets, especially if it is located along an outside wall
  • Set your thermostat to maintain the same temperature during the day and at night; if you’re out of town, set it to at least 55 degrees
  • Remove snow and ice buildup from around the garage door to retain its tight seal
  • Open the cabinet doors in your kitchen and bathrooms to allow warmer air to circulate
  • Remove your garden hose and turn off the hose bib; close and drain the shut-off valves that lead outdoors

If your pipes do freeze, keep your faucets open and apply indirect heat to the approximate area where the pipe froze. Once the ice thaws, water will begin to flow out. Continue to run water as it will help melt the ice faster within the pipe. If a pipe bursts, shut off the main water supply as soon as possible to minimize damage.


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