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FAQs About the Design Deposit


Investing in your home is a big decision, therefore, quality should never be sacrificed. Our design deposit helps ensure that utmost quality by allowing us to employ elite and talented designers, ready to help make your remodeling dreams come true. Below, you will find our answers to your frequently asked questions regarding the design deposit. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any other unanswered questions. 

Why does OHi ask for a design deposit?

We believe in our designers. We have a team of highly trained designers who share their creativity every time they present a new drawing to a client. There isn’t a standard template for design; each unique drawing takes hours to conceptualize and draw out because it is custom tailored to the client’s present and future space. With the deposit, we are able to best respect our designers’ time and talent. We believe they will deliver beautiful, creative, and innovative designs every single time, making your investment well worth it.

How much is the design deposit?

Your investment in us is a direct reflection of our designer’s investment in you and your project.  Therefore, instead of a flat fee, we ask for a percentage, so that it remains relative to the size and complexity of each project.

After the in-home consultation, you will receive a ballpark budget from our team. This budget is an estimated range of what your project could cost, based on the size of your space and the scope of work discussed at your in-home consultation. The design deposit will be 5% of the high-end ballpark figure.  For example, if your ballpark budget is $75,000 - $85,000, we will ask for 5% of $85,000.

What happens to the money if I move forward with OHi?

Think of the design deposit as a first step in paying for your gorgeous remodel. Once you decide to move forward with OHi, the money will be applied towards your total estimate.

What happens if I decide not to move forward with OHi?

Since the design deposit helps cover the designer’s time for crafting your personalized drawings, it is non-refundable. However, if you do decide to go in a different direction, you won’t walk away completely empty handed. You will receive a copy of your renderings.

When does OHi ask for the deposit?

After your complimentary in-home consultation, we will give you a ballpark budget. This budget is an estimated range of what your project could cost, based on the measurements we took and the conversations we had during your in-home consultation. We will ask for the design deposit after we provide the ballpark figure.  While some agree to move forward right away, others need more time to think. During that time, we encourage our clients to schedule a visit to our showroom in order to experience the quality of the materials and craftsmanship that they would be investing in for their home.

What if I want to compare estimates?

For many design-build firms, a deposit of some form is an industry standard before revealing your specific drawings and estimate. For us, after your complimentary design consultation, we will give you a ballpark budget that we think your project would fit into. We can also show you images of similar projects. We hope that other firms would also provide a general expectation for budget to aid in the process of deliberating which company to go with. You can take as long as you need to when determining if you would like to move forward with the design deposit. In some cases, visiting our showroom helps prospective clients make their decision. Other times, people are ready to move forward immediately. No matter where you land, our team is here to answer any questions you have with full transparency.


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