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Fireplaces Worth Melting For: A Guide of Our Favorite Fireplaces


With the winter comes cold, blustery, sunless days, filled with ice and snow. After the joy of the holiday season, it can feel slightly bleak and unnecessarily frigid,. What's worse, in Chicago, this feeling often lasts until March! But there is warmth to be had amidst the winter blues: the coziness of snuggling by the fire. For this to work, you're going to need a fireplace. Sure, you can slap a digital version on your tv screen, or opt for a faux fireplace, but nothing can compete with the coziness created from a true, roaring fire, emitting warmth and a slight smoky smell.  When designed well, the scene can be absolutely picturesque. 

if you are considering redesigning your fireplace, Below are some of the more luxurious, unique features that our clients chose to invest in when creating the bathroom of their dreams. Find inspiration for designing your own personal oasis by checking out these 10 ways to make a splash in your bathroom!

1.  Mix-It Up


Often, we see a fireplace front surrounded by drywall. What makes this fireplace special is the use of wood and patterned tile. The wood mantle creates and earthy warmth, enhanced by the detailed, yet weathered sconces. The geometric patterned tile utilizes neutral colors, while still creating a splash with the intricate design. 

2.  Tastefully Traditional 


A stately dining room demands a stately fireplace. The elegance encapsulated by the impressive fireplace built into this dining room. The marbled front captures the traditional, yet subtle tones of the space.. While the simplicity of the mantle piece perfectly frames the front, allowing it to shine. 

3.  3-Dimmensional Excellence


Contemporary spaces often require simplicity, clean lines, and neutral colors. While this geometric texture is anything but simple, the strong lines fit seamlessly with the other contemporary components of the space, such as the contemporary bathroom remodel. The removal of a mantlepiece helps create a clean appearance and allows for the geometric texture to extend the length of the wall, which helps the space appear taller. We are always mesmerized by the pure fun and creativity of this fireplace. 

4.  Earthy Elegance


Flanked by built-ins, this fireplace exudes rustic charm. the uneven tiles leading up the wall create a rough texture that adds to the homey environment. The showstopper, however, is the reclaimed wood mantlepiece. Not only does the uneven, textured wood add contrast to the space filled with creamy colors, but it adds a hint of loge-like coziness. We can definitely picture ourselves waiting for the snow to melt away while we have a movie marathon by this fireplace. 

5.  Whitewashed Wonder


Original to the house, untouched since the sixties, this fireplace was faced with red-orange bricks. When the house was inherited and revamped to have a cleaner, mid-century modern aesthetic, our team decided to whitewash the fireplace. Not only did this help brighten the space, but it also softened the previously imposing fireplace to make it the perfect backdrop for any family gathering. 

6.  Gentle Geometrics

fireplace-makeover-arlington-heights (1)

Wishing to create a space perfect for decompressing and relaxing, these homeowners wanted a subtly tasteful front room, complete with a refaced fireplace. With the warmth  provided by the wood mantelpiece, the homeowners were able to select a more intricate tile for the face of the fireplace. While the ornate pattern is breathtaking, is doesn't overpower the room. Instead, it helps tie the space together by bringing out the other textures and colors in the space. We would love to read our favorite book by this fire!

7.  Timeless Tile

Kokos_Compressed-22 (1)

Simple, clean and elegant. That is the only way to describe this fireplace.  Originally, this fireplace felt like an afterthought. The look was dated and more of an eyesore that the perfect accent for relaxation. Now, the simple, stately fireplace shines with a marbled tile that blends perfectly with the quartz countertops used in the kitchen

8.  Stylized Subtlety

Portfolio After 3

Overwhelmingly dated, the original fireplace in this award-winning first floor remodel had to go. The orange-brown bricks weighed the whole space down and often elicited disgust. The new fireplace because the perfect accent to connect the dining area and living room in the open-concept first floor. Not only di the uneven, stone tiles add a neutral warmth, but they create a much-loved pop of texture. 

9.  Personalized Perfection

Compressed-0217 (1)

With hardly any aspect of this first floor untouched, there was one component these homeowners wanted to leave in pristine condition: the mosaic fireplace face in their living room. The mosaic work of art was their desired focal point, however, in the old space, it was muddled by a floor to ceiling brick backsplash, that weighed the whole room down and distracted from the mosaic. During their remodel, we added a timeless mantle frame in white, which helped highlight the mosaic, and allowed for the room to feel open and airy. 

10.  Homey Hearth

Arlington Heights Custom Kitchen 13

Often, we associate fireplaces with the holiday season, which is why it's no surprise that this homeowner couldn't wait to deck her halls with Christmas decor. The ledge and uneven tiles add  a textured backdrop perfect for any decor, season round! The fireplace helps fill the room, and feels impressive, thanks to the fact that the mantle doesn't extend the full length of the fireplace. The wood of the mantle adds warmth and highlight the texture of both the wood and the tile. 

If you're ready to have your fireplace re-designed we have no shortage of ideas when it comes to fabulous fireplaces! Schedule a consultation with on of our team members by giving us a call or filling out a project form

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