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5 Benefits of an Ensuite Bathroom


ensuite bathroom with double vanity blue cabinets, stand alone tub, and walkin shower

We all know that being a parent means having no privacy. The kids are constantly popping up out of nowhere to ask a question or need your help. It’s impossible even to have an uninterrupted minute to brush your teeth. Having a space to escape that is private and luxurious is any parent and homeowner’s dream. That’s precisely what an ensuite bathroom is for. Although many people might think that an ensuite bathroom is just a luxury addition to a home, it has many practical benefits that make it well worth the investment. Check out these five benefits of an ensuite bathroom.

What is an Ensuite Bathroom?

An ensuite bathroom is a private and accessible bathroom attached to a bedroom. The bathroom features luxurious amenities like bathtubs, walk-in showers, double vanities, and toilets, making it a perfect place to unwind and relax. An ensuite bathroom is designed to give you privacy and comfort because it's connected to your bedroom and not accessible to other people in the home. The term "en suite" is from the French and means to make a suite, to connect or attach two spaces. In the home remodeling industry, we use it to describe a bathroom that adjoins a bedroom, most commonly the primary bedroom.

Increased Privacy 

One of the most apparent benefits of an ensuite bathroom is its increased privacy. You will no longer need to walk down the hallway in your pajamas or wait for other family members to finish using the main bathroom. This provides additional privacy and saves time and effort in the morning rush. If you have kids, this means not sharing a bathroom with them and all their mess. It’s incredibly convenient if you have guests coming to stay because there's no need to clear all your skincare products off the vanity to make room for their travel toiletries. It's also a great time saver—not only do you not have to wait for your turn to take a shower, but if the bathroom is directly connected to your bedroom, it means that you're close to your closet and picking out an outfit.

Higher Property Value 

Having an ensuite bathroom is a sought-after feature that can increase the value of your home. Potential buyers are more attracted to homes with ensuite bathrooms, as they provide the ultimate luxurious living experience. As a result, if you’re planning to sell your home in the future, having an ensuite bathroom can add value to your property and boost its demand, making it an excellent investment.


Ensuite bathrooms are not just reserved for couples; they are also helpful for families with children or elderly members. Having an ensuite bathroom connected to a room can provide better accessibility for those who require more assistance or have mobility issues. 

Personalized Space 

With an ensuite bathroom, you’re essentially creating an oasis within your home. If you enjoy a long bath to unwind or a hot shower after a workout, you can do so without worrying about being disturbed. An ensuite bathroom gives you more control over the space's design, feel, and functionality. You can customize the bathroom to your liking, making it unique and personalized to your style. You can also choose different materials, fixtures, and features to create a perfect customized oasis to unwind and relax. Since an en suite is usually the largest bathroom in the home, it tends to have more luxury features, such as more than one vanity ( a double or separate) and a toilet enclosed in its own space. It often has both a shower and a tub, depending on how luxurious of a space you can afford.

Improved Lifestyle 

Many of the benefits of an ensuite bathroom come down to lifestyle improvements. Not only is it more relaxing to have a private space to take care of personal hygiene needs, but you’ll also be able to get ready in the morning without worrying about family members’ schedules slowing you down. Additionally, you’ll be able to clean your bathroom without disturbing those using the other shared bathroom space. Having a designated space to focus on self-care, hair care, skin care, or just a place for relaxation can help you to destress and ultimately support your well-being.

Next Steps

An ensuite bathroom can be a game-changer for your home. It provides convenience, comfort, privacy, and personalization that you cannot achieve in a shared bathroom. Additionally, it adds value to your property. Therefore, if you are considering a home renovation, investing in an ensuite bathroom is a practical and stylish choice you won't regret. Contact us today. We’d love to help you create the oasis of your dreams.

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