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Are You in a Bad Relationship with Your Flooring?

Do you ever look around at your flooring and wish for something more? Something that brings life back to your house again? You know you want to start a new relationship with your floors, however, being the catch that you are, the options are endless (and a bit overwhelming). They are all seemingly viable and stable options, so how do you pick?

Have no fear, your OHi flooring matchmaker, John Kautz, is here with another quiz to help you determine the perfect flooring for your lifestyle. Take our quiz and say “I do” to one of these charming matches!


Mostly A's: High Class Hardwood

Flooring-CenteredSvc-1MainIf a flooring type could be voted “People’s Sexiest Floor Alive” hardwood would easily take the cake. This timeless option is undoubtedly the trendiest, albeit most expensive, choice you could make. When you choose hardwood, you know it’s a lifelong commitment of 60-80 years. It will take a lot of work to stay strong and healthy, because hardwood, after all, is very high maintenance. Luckily, this match isn’t afraid to improve. When its stains and flaws become too noticeable, it can be sanded down and refinished, allowing you to fall in love all over again.

Some versions, such as reclaimed wood, can even be eco-friendly… of course, many of their family members “selectively recycle” as they accidentally throw away their pop cans. It’s a give and take earth friendly relationship.

Also, beware that this hardwood can go through seasons of uncaring coldness, especially directed toward your poor un-socked, in the winter months. But that’s nothing an area rug and pair of slippers can’t fix. Don’t expect to be whisked away to any beach getaways together because any water that touches this match gets absorbed, and after long exposure, it can warp and become mildewed.

This is not the family man of flooring. It will not be soft for any falls made by infants, permanent marker drawings will remain permanent, and any spills that naturally follow in the wake of your children will leave a stain. With pets, it’s even worse because all claws will cause noticeable scratches. But don’t worry, if you insist on this being love at first sight, you can choose a lighter stain to try and hide any damage your fur babies do to your flooring match.

In the end, this high maintenance option will lead to the best return on your investment, and the coldest feet.

Mostly B's: Comfy Carpet


This option is like your favorite comfy sweater you tucked away in the back of your closet and sometimes forget about. When you find it and slip it on, all your worries melt away as you snuggle into the warmth of the soft fabric. It’s reliable, versatile, and comforting. It’s the best friend of flooring, sometimes forgettable and not as flashy as the rich guy wearing Hugo Boss. However, there are many benefits to choosing the comfortable option… mainly for that very reason. When the thermometer outside reaches below freezing temperatures, it will keep your feet, your home, and your soul warm. Carpet provides the cushiest surface to catch you when you fall, which is a welcome change for klutzes everywhere.

If variety is important, this match is exactly what you want with its numerous colors, patterns, and textures. You can find the match that best suits your personal taste. For example, if you choose wool carpet instead of synthetic, you are choosing one of the most eco friendly flooring options available, due to its renewable source.

This option may have the shortest life span of only 10 years or less before showing signs of wear and tear, but with proper care and maintenance, you can increase the lifespan by a few years. Plus, many carpets come with promising warranties for the big disasters.

Much like hardwood, you may not experience many water-friendly vacations, but in the event of going to Wisconsin Dells and getting a little wet, if proper management is taken, you can reverse any serious water damage. Though, the padding beneath may need to be replaced to avoid serious issues.

This match is slightly more family-oriented than hardwood, but still often falls short of meeting the rigors of raising children as it stains and frays easily, especially in high traffic areas. And let’s be honest, with kids, what isn’t a high traffic area? However, the damage done to carpet can often be reversed with professional carpet cleaners, or quickly blotting out any stains with the right carpet cleaner.

This match loves pets, but maybe a little too much. No judgement, simply the warning that it tends to hold onto pet dander more than any other option, making it a poor match for any family member who has allergies.

While it’s the worst flooring option for a return on your investment, it’s the best option for when you want to build a blanket fort and sleep on the ground.

Mostly C's: Vivacious Vinyl


You’ve found the life of the party! The flooring option who isn’t afraid of life, getting messy, or pigging out at those greasy restaurants everyone secretly likes. He may be a little fake, sometimes, but it’s worldly qualities are part of the reason why this match caught your eye. Manufactured from petroleum, this is the least eco-friendly option, but it is still a solid choice. Vinyl will remain a low-maintenance match, reminding you that life is simple, and therefore your floor care routine should be as well.

Vinyl can have the appearance of the trendy hardwood, while costing far less. It’s Hugo Boss suit is probably a knockoff, and while you'd like to gasp and wrinkle your nose, you're secretly impressed that it looks so real. You’re also amazed at all the different styles available. Not only can this match imitate most hardwood options, it also gives you vinyl tile options as well.This is a match that will look good throughout your entire home, even the bathroom.

Also, the beach vacation the others withheld from you? Vinyl already has the tickets booked since they’re water resistant. Just be cautious of the adhesive because enough water exposure can cause it to peel back, but the material itself will be safe.

This fun-loving spirit makes it perfect with both kids and pets. For kids, the spills wipe right up and don’t absorb or leave a stain. As for pets, they don’t leave scratches in the surface when playing a feisty game of fetch. It’s a win-win.

Unfortunately, living a life of fun catches up to you quickly. This flooring’s lifespan is a short 10-20 years, but in those years, it will slightly increase the return on your investment because hard surfaces are all the rage.

OHi is ready to help you find your perfect flooring match. Just contact us, and we'll help you get started!

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