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Six Appliance Trends Everyone Needs in Their Home



Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances and give your home a more modern look? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of new design trends in kitchen appliances for 2023. From energy-efficient models to sleek designs, these appliance trends are sure to make any kitchen stand out from the rest. Whether you’re remodeling or just want an upgrade, here are seven appliance trends everyone needs in their home this year.

1. Smart Appliances

With the rise in technology, home appliances are becoming smarter than ever. Smart appliances are now available that allow you to control everything from your fridge and oven to your dryers and dishwashers remotely. This makes it easier to take care of anything from preheating an oven or checking on a roast to setting up a laundry cycle without ever having to physically be in the kitchen or laundry room. Some of these new innovative functions include steam ovens that can bake cakes faster than traditional methods, microwaves with built-in rotisseries, refrigerators with integrated screens for viewing recipes or streaming entertainment services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and dishwashers equipped with sensors that detect when dishes need scrubbing before being washed for maximum efficiency. Additionally, these smart appliances can save energy by automatically adjusting settings based on what’s being used or even turn off if not in use for extended periods of time.

2. Energy-Efficient Models

Homeowners are increasingly aiming for lower electricity and water bills through purchasing energy-efficient models. These models often come with features such as insulated walls which help retain heat and cold, as well as low-flow water features that reduce water wastage while still providing excellent cleaning performance. In addition, some manufacturers are incorporating innovative designs into their products that provide added convenience while also helping users conserve energy better than before.

3. Sleek Design

Kitchen appliance designs have gotten more sophisticated over the years and homeowners now have plenty of options when it comes to creating unique looks for their kitchens with sleek designs in mind. From midcentury modern styles featuring bold color combinations and sculptural shapes, to more classic designs like stainless steel finishes and hidden storage solutions, there’s something out there that will work perfectly in any size kitchen space.

4. Connected Features

Many modern appliances now come with connected features such as voice control or integration with other home automation systems, making it easier than ever to monitor usage or automate tasks around the house with just a few simple commands or taps on a smartphone device. For example, users may be able to ask their refrigerator for recipes or set reminders within their connected microwave so they don’t forget about leftovers - all without needing to manually enter any commands themselves.

5. Compact Size

Over the last few years, appliance makers have been pushing smaller sized units designed specifically for apartments and small spaces where saving space is essential but cutting back on functionalities isn't necessarily an option yet - this is where compact unit sizes come into play! Smaller sized models such as countertop dishwashers or portable washing machines help make sure owners don't miss out on important functionalities even when living in tight quarters - allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of having a bigger setup without requiring them more floor space!

6. Multi-Functional Appliances

If you're looking for ways to maximize space while still keeping up with modern trends then multi-functional appliances could be the perfect solution! These kinds of products combine multiple tasks into one unit - like having an oven range combined with a warming drawer underneath it - making them great options for people who want more cooking capabilities but need less countertop area free populated by two separate units.

The kitchen appliance industry is constantly evolving with new designs and trends emerging all the time. From energy-efficient models to sleek design options, connected features, compact sizes and multi-functional appliances - there are so many possibilities for transforming your kitchen into an efficient and stylish space that meets both modern needs and timeless style preferences. Whether you're looking to upgrade a single item or remodel your entire kitchen, these six appliance trends will help ensure that your home stays up-to-date with today's technology. If you are looking to find out more information on the latest trends in kitchen and bath design, visit us at our premier event, 2023 Trends Event.


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