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5 Islands You Need for Hosting


Tan and white kitchen with wood four seater island

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Soon, your home will be filled with family, friends, and food, which is exciting but can also become crowded and chaotic. To help you become the hostess with the mostest this holiday season and create the perfect flow, we’ve compiled a list of 5 island Ideas. 

"But First, Brunch"

Tan and beige kitchen with extended L-shaped island and banquette

The extended L-shaped island with a built-in banquette is perfect for hosting Sunday brunch. The Island provides plenty of counter space to lay out your charcuterie, bagel trees, waffle bar, and mimosas. The prep sink makes washing fruit while setting up convenient, and the booth makes for cozy seating with easy access to seconds.

White Christmas 

White kitchen with a five seater island

This island has us dreaming of a white Christmas dinner. It seats five chairs, has outlets,  and a built-in bookcase to keep all of the family recipes within reach. Its quartz countertop will display your meal beautifully and make the colors of your food stand out. There is more than enough space for all the kids to help make cookies for Santa after dinner.

Double Trouble 

Grey kitchen with double island

Double Islands create a functional flow in narrow kitchens. You get the counter space of a four-seater with a walkway between to avoid traffic jams when you have multiple cooks in the kitchen. One island can be for appetizers, while the other has desserts, drinks, or a place for guests to eat. This island houses the oven and microwave, which frees up cabinet and counter space on the perimeter walls.

Divide and Conquer 

Blue and white kitchen with four seater island

An island with seating on either side allows for separate conversations to take place while being able to reach the food in the middle. This seating arrangement is also helpful for dividing tasks when cooking and creating an assembly line with one side cutting and the other mixing. Putting seats on the sides of the island and cabinets on the front makes it easier for you, as the host, to grab things from them without disturbing your guests.

"From the Dining Room Table" 

Large grey and white island with carved table legs

If you don’t have a traditional dining table, an island with detailed craftsmanship is the perfect solution. This four-seater island is crafted with a countertop that goes over the edge of the cabinet base and is supported by carved table legs to give the illusion of a table. The island provides plenty of prep and eating space with stools underneath the island, creating more floor space when not in use.

We hope you enjoyed our five favorite islands for hosting; if you are thinking of adding an island for the next holiday season, contact us today! 

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