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4 Ways to Keep Your Snacks Stocked

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As the lazy, hazy days of summer come to an end, the crisp breeze of fall is swooping in. We’re officially back to the pick-up-drop-off grind that characterizes the school year. Getting the kids up, fed, lunches packed, to the bus, then picked up again with an after-school treat, waiting in the car to eat on the way to dance, and not forgetting the snacks for the soccer team can be a lot to manage. To help alleviate the stress of having snacks on hand at any time, we have four ways to keep your kitchen stocked with snacks.

Pantry Closet 

The walk-in style pantry closet allows ample storage space and solutions for all your children’s school snacks. Open floor-to-ceiling shelving is excellent for Costco shoppers as there's enough space to easily store those bulk boxes of chips. If you want to keep the snacks on display in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way, you can use clear containers with labels. These containers allow you to see when things are running low and for your child to grab and go. Though the pantry closet will enable you to display your snacks for easy grabbing, having a door to the closet provides privacy when needed.

Beverage Cooler

Beverage coolers make storing juice boxes, Danimal Smoothies, and applesauce pouches a breeze. It’s an excellent way for your children to feel like they have a fridge just for them. It makes their drinks and refrigerated snacks easily accessible, so you don’t have to get up every time they’re thirsty. You can build a beverage center right into your island, basement bar, or outdoor kitchen, which saves floor space and frees up space in your main refrigerator.

Pull-Out Pantry

Pull-outs save space in your kitchen and are incredibly convenient. They blend right in with your cabinets and allow you to quickly grab items without leaving the workspace, which is great for packing snacks during your morning rush out of the house. With one pull, all your snacks are in-reach without digging to the back of a shelf. Having all of your snacks in reach helps prevent food from getting lost in the background and expiring. Pull-out pantries are excellent storage for smaller snacks like granola bars and fruit snacks. They keep the snacks out of sight, which is perfect if you don’t want your kids eating treats all day.

Extra Freezer

Keep your popsicles and ice cream sandwiches cooled by adding a chest or portable freezer. An extra freezer in your kitchen or garage opens space in your main freezer for your meats and other frozen food, while your kids get a freezer just for treats. Not only will this make your kid feel extra special with a freezer dedicated to them, but you can also help teach intuitive and responsible eating, especially if you set specific times your child is allowed to go into the freezer.

With a few organizational add-ons and layout changes, your kitchen will overflow with snacks soon. We at OHi would love to help you create the perfect snack storage system for your kitchen. Schedule a showroom visit or contact us to get started!

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