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Any realtor would tell you that the two rooms to sell a house are the kitchen and the master bathroom. With that in mind, our team worked together to breathe life into both of those rooms, as well as the hall bathroom. We re-stained the hardwood and added new carpet to ensure the whole house seamlessly flowed. In the bathrooms, we chose durable products, such as quartz countertops, and revamped the vanities to be a popular, yet neutral color. 

In the kitchen, we toned down the space by removing the floral wallpaper. We installed a timeless white subway tile for the backsplash and improved the lower cabinet storage by added more drawers instead of cabinets. The finished product was a subtle, clean elegance. 

I highly recommend OHI! The entire team is pleasant, professional and conscientious about each aspect of the project. Kim is a talented designer, who patiently guides you through each step. You can be confident that you made a good choice with OHI.


Lake Zurich

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The Kitchen

Before: Covered in a bold, floral wallpaper, the kitchen cabinets had seen better days. There was a desk built into the refrigerator wall that was rarely used. There were soffits in the ceiling which truncated the cabinets, reducing the storage. The countertops were a simple laminate.

After:  The soffits were removed and the cabinets now extend closer to the ceiling. The countertops are now an elegant quartz. The whole space is white, allowing it to feel brighter, larger, and very clean. The desk was replaced with pantry cabinets, increasing storage. The floors are refinished to provide a bit of contrast. 

The Master Bathroom

Before: The sand colored vanity lacked depth and was topped with a bland countertop and single handle sink faucet. The bulb lighting was dated and harsh for a morning and evening routine. The floors were a basic tile. 

After: A subtle elegance is prevalent with the addition of the curved sink faucets and double handles. The lighting fixtures and individual mirrors helps create a defined individual space perfect for any couple. The vanity is done in a rich color that adds contrast and character. The flooring is now a sleek, durable luxury vinyl tile. 

The Hall Bathroom

Before: A sandy brown vanity takes up most of the room. It is overpowered by the bright yellow wall that cast a harsh light throughout the room. The reflective gold knobs felt brash and out of place. The shower lacked any proper storage.

After: A clean, elegant vanity is installed with additional storage, including drawers. It is topped with a patterned countertop, creating a hint of character. The hardware is a sleek, simple knob and handle that help add to the subtlety of the space. The shower has a long niche for proper storage. 

Products Used

Kitchen Cabinets: Kemper  with Whitman Doors and White Paint

Kitchen Surface: Caesaestone Reflections

Kitchen Sink: Kraus in Stainless Steel

Kitchen Faucet:  Kohler in Stainless Steel

Master Bathroom Vanity: Kemper Whitman

Master Bathroom Sink: Kohler

Master Bathroom Faucet: Grohe Parkfield in Brushed Nickel


Master Bathroom Vanity: Kemper Whitman

Master Bathroom Sink: Kohler

Master Bathroom Faucet: Grohe

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