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Room To Room Bingo

These clients had previously had their basement done and intended to move their home office down there. However, to pass inspection, it would have required an egress window, which would have been a costly hassle. Instead, our team suggested they move the home office to their old dining room, and the dining room into the living room, as they had a family room and an area for the kids in the basement. With this adjustment decided on, our designer shifted the kitchen entryway from the old dining room the the room that had previously been the living room.

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The Doorway

Before:  The doorway to the dining room was directly in the center of the east wall in the kitchen

After:  The doorway is shifted down to the left, leading to what used to be the living room. The shift allows for there to be room for the refrigerator and a wet bar.

The Island & Bricks 

Before: The island was interrupted by an unnecessary post that was not weight bearing. The island included a range-top stove but lacked proper ventilation. The countertops were a dark black and brown speckled granite. Island cabinets were the same as the perimeter cabinets. Meanwhile, the south wall was covered in a light reddish brown brick. 

After: The post is removed and the new island is expanded to be the size of a full granite slab. It is not extended further to avoid having a seem. The range is removed and place on the north wall of countertops. A sink is added, as well as the dishwasher. Additional seating is created along the outer edge of the island. The storage is maintained. The brick wall is whitewashed, and some brick is removed to allow for pantry style cabinets.

The North Wall

Before:  The upper cabinets do not extend very high, thus allowing the beams to be situated without affecting the shape or size of the cabinets. Brick fills most wall space apart from that surrounding the refrigerator enclosure.  There are granite countertops and orange tinted wood cabinets. The counter extended to offer additional seating, however it was awkward as there was seating also directly behind the two chairs.   

After:  The cabinets are extended to be taller, thus intersecting with the support beams. The cabinets to fit in the allotted space without requiring narrower cabinets or the loss of depth, thanks to the custom craftsmanship of an OHi carpenter. The brick wall is replaced with dry wall and a subway backsplash tile. Behind the range is an accent tile creating a perfect amount of texture.

The Laundry Room

Before:  No countertop or cabinet space existed for storage, apart from the cabinet beneath the sink. The flooring was standard, and overall the space felt like an afterthought. 

After:  With a neutral color pallet, the vanity is replaced with a white cabinet, and additional storage is created by the new overhead cabinets, also in white. A custom built enclosure is placed around the washer and dryer, creating countertop space perfect for folding laundry. New tile flooring is added, giving the room more texture and dimension.

Products Used

Perimeter Cabinets: Kemper Choice with White Paint on Maple Wood

Island Cabinets: Kemper Choice with Chocolate stain on Maple Wood

Surface: Cambria Bellingham Quartz

Accent Tile: Artemis Series in Silver Haze



Laundry Room Floors: Evolution Sand 2x2 Tile

Kitchen Floors: 2" Red Oak hardwood

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