Playing Matchmaker

A major goal for our client was not simply to update the space but to make it brighter. Oftentimes, with a request like this, clients follow-up by saying they’re dreaming of a white cabinet… but not so here. Instead, the client fell in love with a rich, dark brown cabinet. While it took awhile to land on the perfect shade for her forever home, she landed on a brown slightly lighter than the espresso finish she had been eyeing.  With that selection in place, it was up to our designer not only to help brighten that space, but to also find a hardwood floor that complimented the cabinets, a difficult task when mixing browns. In the end, brightness was achieved through creating an open-concept layout which let in more natural light throughout the day, and selecting a bright white countertop. As for the complimentary flooring and the dark cabinets? Our designer worked her magic and found the perfect match 

As an added bonus, our designer configured the perfect storage solutions with a corner carousel, pullout waste bins, a pullout spice rack, as well as tray dividers above the fridge. These details, paired with a major overhaul of dated materials and appliances helped create a drop dead gorgeous kitchen.

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The Layout

Before: two walls enclosed the kitchen with an entrance into both the living room and the dining room. The dining room and living room are conjoined in an L-shape layout, however, it feels disjointed by the closed-off kitchen. 

After: The kitchen walls are removed, creating a seamless and expansive space. The kitchen, living room, and dining room are all connected and create the perfect environment for hosting guests. The act also allows for sunlight throughout the day in the entire space, thus brightening it up.

The Island

Before: The kitchen lacked counter space and as a solution, a dining room table and chairs was crammed into the space, making it feel tight and cluttered. It made it impossible to host guests and cook at the same time if everyone was in the kitchen

After: Once the walls are torn down, creating the open concept layout, an island is added between the dining room and kitchen accomplishing a few goals. First, it provides seating for visitors. Second, it increases storage, as three out of four of the sides have storage access, making a very happy client who felt extremely limited in her storage options before. Third, it helped brighten the space immensely with a large surface area in a bright white quartz.


The Flooring

Before: The kitchen featured a run down hardwood, while the dining room and living room were filled with easily stainable white carpet

After: The kitchen, dining room, and living room share the same hardwood floors in a gorgeous finish that makes the space feel more expansive and cohesive.

Products Used

Cabinets:  Frameless Sorrento Cherry              Wood Cabinets in a Cafe Mocha Finish

Contertops: Vicostone Argento                       Quartz

Sink: Ruvati 30” Double Bowl Sink                           in Stainless Steel

Appliances: Whirlpool

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