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Managing a Full Plate

While making selections, these clients were immediately drawn to darker cabinets. Initially, they landed on a dark brown cabinet with hints of red, but felt it wasn’t quite right. Then, after some thought, our designer pulled one more cabinet sample. The clients fell instantly in love. Since it was a darker wood, they also decided they needed every other selection to be brighter, to help lighten the space. 

While the clients needed to maintain the original footprint of the kitchen, they desperately wanted to have improved storage, and space for a larger refrigerator. Specifically, they wanted a separate space for the three sets of dishes the family had. Each set was used for a different occasion. With some creative pullouts, and thoughtful organizational tips from the designer, they were able to achieve everything they wanted.

For the powder room, they continued to embrace their love of a dark cabinet, and went for a more stylized look. The result was a stunning traditional rustic atmosphere with intricate wall sconces and a unique mirror.

An excellent remodeling experience with OHI. Worked with Kim and John to design our Powder Room, Foyer, and Kitchen remodel and from start to finish everything was very professional. We liked the fact that they either used their own employees or contractors they have been working with for years to get the job done. Especially liked having a dedicated project manager (Ben) that oversaw all the scheduling. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail showed in every aspect of their work, as if they were remodeling their own home and wanted to be proud of the job. I recommend them without hesitation.


Buffalo Grove

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The Peninsula

Before: The peninsula included a cook-top range and was topped with a laminate counter. There was a drywall back the the peninsula that made the kitchen feel disjointed and cut off. 

After: The cook-top is removed and replaced by a gleaming slap of quartz, that provides a perfect contrast with the rich chocolate cabinetry that completes the peninsula. The cabinetry surround the entire peninsula, removing the drywall, and allowing the kitchen to feel like a continuation of the space into the eating area. This makes the whole space feel more expansive. It also allows for more cabinet storage. 

The Cabinets

Before: The kitchen contained grainy oak cabinets, original from the 1980s. They lacked storage and depth. They also didn't expand fully to the ceiling. 

After: A sleek, dark chocolate cabinet fills the spae, elevating the entire room. The clean lines, and smooth surface add en element of luxury. They now extend all the way to the ceiling, increasing the amount of storage space. 

Products Used

Cabinetry: Decora Cherrywood in a Rousseau Luminaire Finish

Surface: Bianco Drift Quartz

Perimeter Backsplash: Timber Wood Strip Tile

Flooring: AduraMax Seaport Surf Vinyl

Hardware: Atlas

Bar Backsplash: Surface Tech Hex in Riverbed

Sink: Artisan Stainless Steel

Faucet: Delta Essa Handle in Arctic Stainless

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