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Permit Mischief & Custom Wish Lists

While we often try to set the expectation that the permit process could be lengthy, we rarely expect a basement permit process to be longer than 4 weeks. This project took 6 weeks for approval, due to the inability to find record of the property having a finished basement. It turns out, the previous owners didn’t get permits for the work they did to finish the basement. This lead to a lot of strife and an extended timeline for the current homeowners, our clients. 

This also changed their decision on how to transform the bedroom-like room in the basement. Originally, they had wanted to make it into a home gym and add a window. Instead, due to codes, they got rid of the idea of making it an official bedroom, knocked down the wall separating it from the rest of the basement space, and in turn, made it one large room. They still placed their workout equipment down there, were unable to make a specific gym room. 

Luckily, they were still able to get some of their wish list items. Inspired by the custom built-in found in the OHi showroom, our clients desired one of their own to help display their extensive Blackhawks Memorabilia collection. They built it in place of an old storage area near the bar.

Building Blocks for a Grown-Up Basement

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The Bar

Before: The bar was attached a wall containing a storage closet. The base cabinets, were actually upper cabinets purchased on clearance, and not purposed to be attached to the ground. The green laminate countertops and grainy, honey oak wood, worked to cast a dated presence on the whole space. 

After: After falling in love with specific bar stools, our clients asked for the bar to be designed as a space to match the stools. The result is a sleek, contemporary space, far more functional than previously. The white quartz countertops contrast nicely with the properly installed chocolate cabinets. The closet is removed to allow for a more accessible opening to the bar, which is now attached to the far wall. The bar storage and sink are relocated and improved. Floating shelves are added to allow for decoration.

The Banister

Before:  There is only one stairway railing, as there was a wall on the other side, dividing a bedroom from the rest of the basement. The floor was covered in carpet. The banister was the same honey oak found in the bar,

After: The wall is removed to make the basement one large room, while also bringing it to code. A second railing is added to match the original. Both railings now have a chocolate railing and base to match the cabinets in the bar, and the white spindles add contrast, as well as hearken to the white countertops in the bar. LVT now covers the floors.

Products Used

Cabinetry (Perimeter): Custom Sorrento in Dark Chocolate

Surface: Carrara Caldia

Backsplash: Chicago Brick

Flooring: Adura Max Cape in May Luxury Vinyl Tile

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