Condo Challenges Met Fiercely 

Every remodel will have its challenges, but this is especially true with condos and apartments, only because of the numerous rules and regulations that have to be followed. For example, work hours are limited, the elevators have to be reserved to move products in and out, and parking can be difficult for crew members… yet OHi is always up for a challenge and has perfected working in the system. These elements were probably the biggest mountain our team had to climb for this project… that and the time frame of 7 weeks. Both obstacles were met with grace, expertise, and lots of coffee. For our designer, working in a condo meant much of the layout had to remain untouched and walls had to stay in place. Nevertheless, the space is almost unrecognizable. The hardwood floors replaced the carpet throughout, the color palette is more timeless and contemporary, and any trace of wallpaper is removed. 

“We bought and completely remodeled a condo. John was our sales person and advisor, and Jeff was our project manager. We could not have been happier with the outcome. Both of these guys were by our side the entire time. They listened to our concerns and resolved any problems we may have encountered. I have since recommended OHi to others.”



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The Living Room

Before: The room is filled with carpet and interrupted by a old brick fireplace. The clients hated the look of the fireplace, especially since they desired a contemporary design.

After: The carpet is replaced by hardwood floors that match the rest of the condo. The fireplace is redone with a contemporary textured stone, that allows the fireplace to exist as a subtle accent to the room, rather than overwhelming the design. 

The Kitchen

Before: The appliances, along with the rest of the house, hadn't been updated since the seventies and were a horrendous cream yellow. The refrigerator, due t the layout, would open all the way unless pulled out, making the kitchen frustrating to use. 

After: The countertops, flooring, and backsplash are all replaced with more contemporary selections. The appliances are reconfigured in order to improve the functionality of the kitchen.

The Bedrooms

Before: Both bedrooms had thick plush carpet and overwhelming wallpaper selections... from floor, to ceiling, and everywhere in between. The drapes, bedding, and pillows all matched the old, dark, and heavy design of the wallpaper.

After: The carpeting is replaced by hardwood floors that match the rest of the condo. The wallpaper is removed and replaced by paint. 

Products Used

Cabinetry: Kemper

Surface: Granite

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