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From the basement to the roof and everything in the middle, we are committed to accommodating our clients with a team of professionals, unbeatable customer service, innovative designs, and the best remodeling services offered in Glenview.

Our remodeling team at OHi has many years of experience successfully remodeling homes of all sizes, outlining our place as one of the greatest and most reliable options for homeowners in search of remodeling one of the most important places in their lives. We are your go-to residential remodeling company in Glenview. From small remodels to a complete flip for your home, whatever you want, we can provide. Contact our team of residential remodeling experts today to get to know our team and see for yourself all of the amazing things that we can provide for you and your home!

Ohi Your Home Renovation & Transformation Experts

Making a change is never a bad thing, especially one that will truly make you feel at home. Our team can renovate certain areas within your home, or do a complete transformation to outline exactly the home that you have always dreamt of. From when you were little, you have always pictured the perfect home. A place to grow a family, spend time with the ones you love, and a place where you can feel at peace.

We take the time to hear your vision for your ideal home, and we make it happen. With you as the dreamer, we create what you picture! When you talk with a member of our team, they will go through all of the different options that you have, create designs that you will fall in love with, and make it happen at affordable prices and expert timing.

Award-Winning - Residential Additions

Adding and growing your home provides an exciting opportunity to stay in the place where you love and not have to leave when you need more space—additions to your home at the same time as being a smart alternative to moving increases the value. We at OHi provide award-winning residential additions that fit your budget while giving you everything that you have wanted. We can make additions to your home wherever you want with a that has both experience and expertise that you can trust in!

Kitchen Upgrades & Remodeling Services in Glenview IL

OHi offers the best kitchen remodeling services in the Glenview area. We offer quality and affordable kitchen remodeling for those searching to spruce up their kitchens. When you trust in OHi, you get a team of professionals that provide a low-stress and efficient kitchen remodeling process. Improving your kitchen isn't a small investment, and our team ensures that it is done with care and professionalism. Let us help and design a stunning culinary space for you and your loved ones!

We consider the kitchen as the core of the home, one of the busiest and most essential places within it. Whether it is the hangout place for your kids and their friends, the place where you cook so many memorable family dinners, or the best spot to grab a late-night snack. Whatever the occasion, your kitchen is a place that is practical and one of the most important places within your home. Whether it is a small update or a complete makeover, we have the tools, team, and materials that you need to create the kitchen that you always have dreamt of!

Sleek Bathroom Design Renovations - Glenview IL

If you were to think about all of the time that you, your family, and your guests spend in the bathroom, you would realize it is a place that you can relax and have your own time. Creative designs for your bathroom is something that we here at OHi specialize in. Whether it is a cute powder room or a grandmaster bathroom, we provide bathroom renovations of all sizes, providing you with a seamlessly endless option of designs and materials.

We know that homeowners would love to upgrade, renovate, or completely redesign their bathroom, but find themselves without the time or skills to do so. That is where our team of experts at OHi comes in. Our team offers our expertise to ensure that you get exactly what you want without having the stress of doing it yourself! We are experienced, dependable, and professionally ready to build the bathroom of your dreams at affordable prices. At OHi, we can:

    • Modernize your shower

    • Upgrade your bathtubs with a sleek design

    • Improve your countertops

    • Provide fashionable and functional bathroom vanities

    • Lay new and innovative tiling

Whatever image you have for your bathroom, we can create it. So if you are thinking about updating or renovating your bathroom, no matter the size or location, our team can ensure that you get exactly what you need. Contact us today if you are interested in seeing our options and choices.

Top-Rated Residential Flooring Company in Glenview IL

Whether it be improving the look and feel of your home or providing flooring that is scratch-free and fights back against spills and stains, we have it all. With a wide selection of different flooring options, we ensure that you receive the flooring that you want with a team of technicians ready to install it. We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to flooring needs in Glenview!

Glenview IL Commercial Interior Services

Creating an atmosphere that welcomes new customers and clients is essential to the growth and survival of commercial buildings. You have a vision, and we want to make it come to life. Trust in our team of trusted experts to analyze, design, and help you create an environment that you, your employees, customers, and visitors love. Contact our team today to see what commercial interior services we offer.

Visit Our Impressive OHi Showroom in Elk Grove Village

Don't just listen to what we are saying; see it for yourself. In Elk Grove Village, a short 20-minute drive from Glenview, you can view our grand showroom and see for yourself the incredible work and services we provide. Explore all of the different options and see in person the details that we put into our designs. Improve your home and or commercial building with new, innovative, and exciting designs contact OHi today.

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