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We offer renovations and remodeling services for bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, add-ons, and complete home flips. With a team of certified experts across different home renovation areas, you can put your home in the trust of the best hands. Whatever service you require, we at OHi will stop at nothing to provide a solution that you will fall in love with.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in North Barrington

remodeling-renovation-services-north-barringtonIn kitchens all over the world, friends, families, and visitors take comfort in this place where so many memories are made. It is a place of quick trips to the fridge for a midnight snack and a place where families work day and night to prepare them. Whatever the occasion, your kitchen should have everything you need and more while at the same time matching your lifestyle.

Renovating a kitchen requires strategic planning and navigating so that you get the image that you desire, and having a team of experts helping you make the process easier and more dependable. With OHi, you won't have to contract other companies for electric work, new appliances, or installation; we have it all. Your kitchen is important for every family member, so it is only right that you get exactly what you want.

Bathroom Renovations in North Barrington

At OHi, we create a design for your bathroom based on your image and personal style. Your bathroom should be nothing less than complete comfort, class, and functionality. With OHi and our design team, we will redefine the way you look at bathrooms. With experience remodeling all types of bathrooms in each location of the home, we will add an elegant touch.

Our team will work with you personally to ensure that the completion of your bathroom is done in a timely manner while taking into consideration each detail that you want to be added. Imagine another sink for your partner or a beautiful glass wall shower with a rain stream faucet, whatever detail you desire; we will make it become a reality.

Residential Remodeling Contractor in North Barrington

north-barrington-home-renovationsYour home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life, so it is only right that it truly represents you and your family's lifestyle through each detail. Our team also helps with complete residential remodeling services, helping bring your wildest dreams to life.

We aim to create a design that every single time you or anyone else walks through your doors, they are absolutely taken back by the elegance and beauty that is represented through every space of your home. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own home, and we want to help ensure that you will never want another day with the urge to change any detail.

Home Renovation & Transformation Experts

It is never a bad idea for homeowners to spice things up within your home with a complete change and transformation. With the #1 transformation experts on your side, we can create a whole new home for you. You have a vision, and we want to help make it happen.

If you want something new, innovative, and exciting for your home, look no further than OHi and our team of the best home renovators and transformation artists in Illinois. We will help you pick and choose from a wide array of elegant and affordable products to add to your home. Contact OHi today!

Award Winning - Residential Additions

Adding more to your home boasts many different advantages. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it is also the best option for growing families who do not want to relocate to a new area. We at OHi can help you add a new bathroom, bedroom, home gym, and home office. Whatever addition you want, our award-winning services guarantee you will get exactly what you want and more.

Top-Rated Residential Flooring Company in North Barrington

Your flooring speaks as a thousand words. It is the place where children take their first steps, it is the protection against those nasty spills, and it is the base and strength of your home—having flooring that can handle any situation while at the same time blending perfectly with the ambiance of your home is essential.

At Ohi, we offer many different styles of flooring while at the same time providing flooring that boasts special advantages such as scratch-proof, spill-proof, and shock absorbent. Come to OHi and see our impressive flooring catalog and choose the one that will combine well with your home.

Commercial Interior Services in North Barrington

Bring your home together with a sleek, beautiful, and elegant interior. Give your home a new makeover with an expert team of interior designers and high-class products. Browse through all of the different things that we can do for your home and how we can blend each area of your house together with a breathtaking perspective.

Visit our Impressive OHi Showroom in Elk Grove Village

Hearing and listening about the many different things we can create for your home is one thing, but seeing them firsthand is even better. A short 30-minute drive away from North Barrington in Elk Grove Village is our impressive showroom. There you will be able to see for yourself the innovative designs and images that we create every day for homeowners in the Chicagoland area.

Contact OHi Today

Whatever home improvement service that you desire, we guarantee that when you trust in OHi, you receive nothing but the most dependable team and services in the Chicagoland area. Your home is important to us, and creating the image you envision for your home is what we promise. If you are interested in making a change to your home, contact OHi today and meet with someone from our team to start your journey.

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