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Cedric Siler

Kitchen & Bath Designer

OHi is thrilled to have Cedric on our team! Not only is he friendly and outgoing, but he also came with a highly versatile skill set. After spending 6 years in the Navy, he pursued a degree in interior design. Following school, he garnered experience in just about every aspect of remodeling, including furniture décor. With Cedric's empathetic manner, open communication, and fantastic sense of humor, he connects with clients just as quickly as he established relationships among the OHi family.  

For Cedric, the greatest joy of designing does not come from seeing the finished product, although it does rank as a close second, but rather in the ability to connect with a client, hear their story, see their vision, and help make it a reality. To him, the relationship with the client ranks first and foremost. This is where his outgoing personality shines. His genuine interest and care for people make it easy for clients to feel comfortable and be forthright about their remodeling needs. Cedric takes each client interaction to heart with the intent of creating a design that speaks to their personal styles and fulfills their functional needs. 

When he is not in the office, he can be found planning his next big travel adventure. As a fan of the outdoors, he enjoys hiking, and takes advantage of every opportunity to bring his kids along to places like Starved Rock, where they can explore nature together and enjoy some family time.

Cedric 2 Compressed

“Too often I see designers pushing their clients in a direction that doesn’t align with the original goals and tastes of the homeowner. I never want that to happen with me. I strive to foster an environment of honesty and openness between me and my clients because, at the end of the day, this is their house. I want to create a place they're thrilled to live in and call home!"  

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