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Why Small Businesses Matter


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While OHi is closed on Small business Sunday, we think it is important to highlight the importance of supporting other small businesses on Saturday. Small businesses bring care and character to an impersonal and commercial world. Doesn’t it warm your heart when the barista starts your drink before you even order, the boutique employee calls you when new stock comes in, or when you know you’re supporting family-owned businesses (Like OHi)? Small businesses are the backbone of your local economy and the nation’s. In 2022, Small Business Saturday drove an estimated $17.9 billion in revenue based on projections from U.S. consumer-reported spending. The impact is so much more noticeable when compared to supporting big business. Here are a few benefits and ways to show your support this year both on Saturday and beyond.  

Benefits of Small Businesses 

Invests in The Local Economy💲📈

Local businesses play a crucial role in driving economic growth and development in your community. When you shop at a small business, a large portion of your money goes to the paychecks of your neighbors and back into your community through their taxes that help to improve public services. Small businesses often give charitable donations or provide sponsorships for local initiatives. For example, at OHi, we love participating in the community. You can find us sporting local park districts, Wyatt’s Dog House, and other local organizations.

Creates Job Opportunities 👨‍💼👩‍💼

Small businesses bring new job opportunities to the community and give your neighbors who may have been laid off from a larger organization a place to work. According to the SBA, small businesses created a net 12.9 million new jobs in the last 25 years, which accounts for nearly 66% of all jobs created in that time frame, while large businesses only added a net 6.7 million jobs. 

Personable Service 👋💛

People often shop at chains because the brand name is well known, but when you shop small, your name is known. Our favorite thing about being a small business is our relationships with our clients. Small companies provide you with the personalization that a large chain couldn’t. The main benefit of shopping small is that the employees get to know you, your likes, and dislikes. The heart of shopping small is the personal relationship you get with each employee you interact with.

How to Show Your Support 


The number one way and most obvious way to show your support is by committing to buying products or services from your local businesses instead of running to Target, placing an Amazon order, or using a franchise for your home remodeling needs. Becoming a customer is the best gift you can give to a small business this holiday season. 

Review & Follow⭐

Supporting a business by leaving a review is just as important as shopping. Online reviews help small companies to build their credibility and ranking within search engines. Reviews help potential customers choose between businesses as they want to hear from someone they can relate to and trust. Furthermore, to help spread awareness of the small business, following and engaging with their social media can go a long way, especially if you cannot support them financially.


Word of mouth is king in the small business world, and it goes hand in hand with reviews. Referring a business to your friend when they are in need of a service or new spot to try is a great way to spread awareness for local businesses. You can also keep those businesses in mind when people ask for recommendations in your neighborhood Facebook groups. One of our favorite ways our clients refer us is by sharing pictures of our work and resharing our social media posts. Referring a local business not only helps them, but many offer referral programs that provide you with perks and discounts when you refer them.

If you or a friend are considering remodeling your home and want to support a local business, contact us today. 

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