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5 Islands You Need for Serving Easter Brunch


Easter is right around the corner. Whether you're hosting or visiting this Sunday, you will most likely be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. A great island is a centerpiece for conversation, food, and enjoyment. Today we provide you with five islands that you need (and may see) for serving Easter Brunch.

Double Island

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The double Island is a great choice for an open space kitchen. It gives the cook the maneuverability to easily navigate throughout the kitchen while also providing ample serving space. Sometimes it’s challenging to create an accessible traffic flow in the kitchen. The chef on Easter brunch will have plenty of room to navigate so the deviled eggs don’t get dumped on the floor

Base Cabinet Island

A simplistic and modern take that provides the homeowner with plenty of storage space while also utilizing the island for serving. This is a great choice in a kitchen that may have limited space where you want the island for quick dining but also don’t want to exhaust the surface area of the room. The base cabinet will provide plenty of storage with ample space to host and entertain the hoppiest. The base cabinet is also budget-friendly to keep the project cost at a minimum.

Butcher Block

An even smaller option than the base cabinet island, the butcher block island is typically wood surfaced. Hence the name, a butcher block island allows the chef to cut directly on the surface. If you add a few barstools to your island, you have a perfect area for hosting Easter brunch. You won’t have to take up space on the dining table or clear the sideboard for dishes and drinks.


A galley island offers an impressive style that allows for seating, functionality, and great entertainment. With ample bar stool or chair seating on one side, you are able to host Easter brunch while still having plenty of space for trays of delicious Easter Food for serving. They can sit at the island while the cook has plenty of room to work. The straight design allows for an open-concept kitchen while still providing plenty of additional preparation space and additional storage.


A trendy idea to add some spice to your kitchen, the contrasting island uses contrasting colors on the base of the island. Whether it is a blue or green to offset white cabinets, it’s a great way to really illuminate the space.

With Easter just a few days ahead, the OHi team hopes your family has a beautiful day that is filled with laughs and memories that will last a lifetime. We hope you can spot some of these islands in between Easter Egg Hunts and maybe one day add them to your kitchen. If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel and want to connect with one of our designers, call us today or schedule an appointment online. If you want a little more kitchen inspiration, visit our portfolio to see past projects.

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