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5 Reasons to Visit the OHi Showroom

ohi showroom

Adding an addition to your home or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be a major challenge. The idea of looking on the internet and browsing Pinterest pages for ideas can overwhelm the process. The OHi team is here to help. Our showroom provides a variety of benefits that will help ease the decision process. The talented design team is here to tour you through and provide our expertise. Here are five benefits to visiting the OHi showroom. 

Starting Point

Are you unsure where to start? The showroom is a great place to begin. With multiple kitchen and bath layouts, the showroom visit can provide a baseline to craft your ideas into a reality. 


A showroom visit can offer guidance from some of our industry experts. Our interior design team is full of talented designers with a variety of special skill sets. Find the designer that fits you, and start the process of improving your home. 


Do you have a general idea of what you want, but can’t narrow down the details. Visit our showroom and walk through the different patterns for flooring, backsplash, faucets and more. We have samples and examples of the best and latest trending fixtures to help you work out the details. 


Sometimes a picture isn’t worth a thousand words. Come into the showroom to feel and see the tangible craftsmanship that we can provide. A 3D tour isn’t going to provide the actual sense of being in our showroom. 


By visiting the showroom, you can see exactly how our designs come together. Want to see how much cupboard space can fit in a certain area? Or, interested in seeing the spacing in the bathroom? The showroom can provide this and more. 

Are you convinced a showroom visit is in order? We sure hope so. The OHi team would love to have you join us for a tour. Our showroom is located at 106 Garlisch Drive in Elk Grove Village, where we are open Monday through Saturday. You are welcome to reach out and schedule an appointment with a designer or drop in for a visit. 


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