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Back to School: Ideas to Help Mom & Dad Get Through the First Day of School


As the school supply shopping comes to a close, the inevitable back-to-school return date is near. There are many emotions parents experience when it comes to back to school; relief, sadness, joy, excitement are just a few. Today, the OHi staff provides some good remedies for helping mom and dad get through the first day of school. 

Instagram Moment

A great way to deal with the excitement is to create an awesome photo memory. A good idea would be to order or make a first day of school chalkboard. Once the kids are ready to go, get an awesome photo on the front porch or outside the school and share it on social media so all your friends and family can see it. 

Adult Day
If the kids are leaving the house, maybe you should too. Take the day off work and plan an adults-only day. That could be anything from hiking to a day at the pool or anything else your heart may desire. Summer has a way of dragging on and this could be a great way to get a needed release. 

If you are still in the helping mood (after helping your kids all summer) channel that energy towards a volunteer program. This could be something at the kids' school or any nonprofit in your area. A great way to find a reputable nonprofit is to look at Charity Navigator.

Grandma & Grandpa
Sometimes adults need their mom and dad, too. Give your parents a call and see if they can join in on the exciting moment as your kids return to school. After getting photos with grandma and grandpa, take your mom and dad out to lunch and enjoy some uninterrupted quality time.

Take advantage of the time and get the house cleaned. The long summer of activities and constant traffic is over, you can finally dive in and get your back to school cleaning in. While your children are getting a fresh start, so will your home. 

The best option to help you get through the day may be to relax. A lazy day at home or with friends could be the perfect recipe as you anxiously wait for your kids to return from their exciting day. 

As members of the OHi family send their kids off to school, we understand the challenges that come with such an exciting time. We hope these ideas help you and yours enjoy the moment while also helping transition out of summer. We look forward to continuing to serve the community, one home at a time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss any home remodeling needs.

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