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6 Bathroom Accessories to Wow Your Guests


bahtroom with brown vainty

We all have that one aunt who snoops in our medicine cabinets and linen closets anytime she comes over. It’s frustrating to have to hide your toiletries every time she comes over to avoid her judgments. Instead of going through the hassle of hiding your belongings, you can distract her by adding these six bathroom accessories that will have her so wowed she’ll forget to check the medicine cabinet.

Towel Warmers 

Towel warmers add a luxurious touch to your bathroom and make every day feel like you’re at the spa. The feeling of wrapping yourself in a freshly warmed towel is the best motivation for getting out of bed. They come in many different styles and finishes that will fit your bathroom design. No more smelly, damp towels lying around the bathroom; you’re sure to impress the inlaws.

Heated Floors 

Heated floors add the cozy touch to your bathroom that most people’s homes are missing. Winter is rapidly approaching, and now, when guests come into your home after trenching through the snow, their feet will be instantly warmed once they’ve entered your bathroom. Heated floors also give overnight guests a complete spa experience, as gone are the days of stepping out of the shower to a cold floor. This feature not only provides comfort but also saves energy. Heated floors are 20-25% more energy-efficient than forced-air heating systems because the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Backlit LED Mirror

Backlit mirrors create a relaxing ambiance. The light illuminates a soft glow around the edges, adding an elegant aesthetic. These mirrors are commonly used to light powder rooms because they are more for appearance and mood, as a vanity mirror has a brighter light for putting on your makeup and shaving.

Shower Bench

Having a shower bench not only adds to the overall design of your bathroom but is highly functional. It adds accessibility for all guests, especially when the grandparents visit. Shower benches are a lovely way to relax after a long day. Sitting down and letting the shower fill with steam helps relieve any muscle tension acquired throughout the day.

Feature Tile

Adding Artistic Tile to your shower niche or vanity wall is a surefire way to WOW your guests. Feature tile walls are a fun way to show your personality by adding color and texture. They are easier to clean than wallpaper and modernize your space.

Smart Toilet 

Smart toilets greatly enhance the bathroom experience. They add an extra layer of sanitation with bidet, drying, touchless flushing, and self-cleaning features. The seat-warming option will make your guests feel like they are at Canyon Ranch while relieving all muscle tension. Some smart toilets even offer Bluetooth speakers and nightlights. 


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