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3 Kitchen Cleaning Nightmares You Need to Avoid


If there's dust and grime on your wall, who you gonna call? Dustbusters! Don’t you wish every time you got spooked by a dust bunny, the Dustbusters would swoop in and save the day? We sure do, especially for a few commonly used kitchen design choices. Though they look pretty at first glance, looks can be deceiving with these three features as they are a nightmare to clean.

Textured or Ridged Tile

Though it's great for adding dimension to any backsplash or floor, when you look closer, textured tile gives you a jump scare from how much dust and grime it accumulates, especially in the kitchen. While we love using textured tile in places like a shower or an accent wall, we will often try to encourage our clients from using textured tile in the kitchen because the various crevices can be difficult to maintain and keep clean in a space notorious for grease build-up.

Of course, there are those who fall in love with a textured tile and insist on its inclusion in their kitchen design. When that happens, we will often choose a secondary accent tile for behind the range, where there is the highest concentration of grease build-up. To ensure this daydream tile doesn’t become a nightmare, clean the tiles frequently with baking soda and water on a wet toothbrush.

Excessive Grout

Grout is highly porous, which makes it a magnet for oil, dust, and grease, causing it to discolor quickly. High amounts of grout in a wall can be a nightmare with the constant resealing and increased demand for cleaning, which is one of the reasons why we often recommend homeowners opt for a larger format tile in their kitchens. Smaller tiles, like mosaics, create far more grout lines than larger tiles. Plus, large tile has a sleek look, making the space feel larger and more open.

Open Shelves

Open shelving, especially in the kitchen, accumulates dust and grime far more often than cabinets due to the open-air exposure to grease from cooking. Not only do the shelves need constant dusting, but the items you keep on them will need to be wiped off before every use. Using open shelves in your design will have you wishing you could call the dustbusters. Another reason open shelves can keep you up at night is their limited storage space. Open shelves make it hard to store your items while keeping them organized and displayed well. 

Cabinets, meanwhile, offer a barrier to the elements of your kitchen and, unless grass fronted, can hide items you want to store. If you want open shelves for display purposes, we recommend considering glass-fronted cabinets. While you will still need to dust your items in storage occasionally, it will be far less than if on an open shelf. 

Though there isn’t a real team of dustbusters to free you from these cleaning nightmares, we at OHI have the perfect design solutions to make your kitchen stunning and easy to clean. If you’re looking to update your home, call us today or schedule an appointment online.


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