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11 Ways to Maintain Your Floors with Pets


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Being a proud pet parent, you are probably well aware of the challenge of maintaining clean floors.  Pets add joy and companionship to our lives but can contribute a little extra mess. Fear not; with the right strategies, it’s possible to enjoy the pitter-patter of cute paws without surrendering your floors to dirt and damage. Check out these 11 tips for maintaining clean floors with pets. 

Seal Windows and Doors

Tile, luxury vinyl, and stone are durable and easy to clean. These materials resist scratches and are less likely to harbor allergens. Flooring types to avoid are carpet and untreated hardwood that pets can easily stain and damage. Consider replacing your flooring if these are your original materials.

Trim Their Nails 

Keep your furry friend’s nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching the floors.

Matts and Rugs 

Place rubber mats and throw rugs strategically around your home to reduce the dirt your furry friend tracks around.

Create a Cleaning Schedule 

Create a schedule that includes daily sweeping or vacuuming and a weekly deep clean for best results.

Hardwood Care

Use cleaners designated for hardwood to avoid damage. Wipe up spills immediately, and consider adding a sealant for extra protection.

Laminate Care 

Avoid excess water. A damp mop with a suitable cleaning solution works well.

Tile Care

Occasional mopping with a gentle cleaner will keep tiles shining. Pay attention to the grout, which may require specific cleaners.

Carpet Care 

Vacuum regularly and have a specialized carpet cleaner for accidents. Consider professional cleaning occasionally.

Deal With Accidents Fast 

Address accidents as soon as they happen. Blot, don’t rub, to absorb as much as possible.

Vacuum & Sweep

 Vacuum and sweep frequently to manage pet hair and dirt. A vacuum designed for pet hair can be particularly effective.

Use Pet-Friendly Products 

Chemicals in some cleaners can be harmful to pets. Ensure any product used is safe for your four-legged family members.


We understand the challenge pets bring to maintaining a clean and well-designed home and would love to help you create a fun and functional space for you and all of your pets. We hope these tips help you maintain the cleanliness of your floors, and if you are looking to replace your flooring, contact us today.


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