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Invest Early, Save Later

Originally, these clients remodeled their kitchen in the early 2000's to make it the expansive space it is today. The wife loves to cook, and the family is known for entertaining. As years ticked by, the footprint of the space stood the test of time, whereas the color and materials started to feel dated. Luckily, these clients invested in high quality cabinets their first time remodeling, allowing them to opt for painting their original cabinets instead of paying for brand new cabinets. Ultimately, investing early allowed them to save later since cabinetry is the most expensive component to a remodel. The rest of the materials were simply pulled and replaced with newer, updated styles. 

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The Cabinets and Hood

Before: The dark, natural wood grain of the cabinets, paired with the all-wood ventilation hood started to make the space feel heavy.

After: After being professionally painted, the  cabinets look brand new in their white coat. The island is painted gray to give the room a bit of contrast and depth. A new ventilation hood is installed, matching the white of the cabinets, with a metallic trim to add texture. 

The Countertop and Backsplash

Before: Originally, the countertops were a brown granite, which weighed the room down when paired with the brown wood cabinets. The backsplash consisted of larger, earthy tiles reminiscent of an Italian villa. There were only canned lights in the ceiling. 

After: Quartz countertops stand in the place of granite, to help create a cleaner, more durable surface. The backsplash is replaced with a patterned mosaic that adds texture to the room. Three pendant lights hang above the island, drawing the eye upwards, and helping the space feel even brighter. 

Products Used

Countertops: Cambria Brittanicca Warm

Ventilation Hood: Vent-A-Hood

Flooring: Lauzon 




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