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Best Care and Maintenance Practices for Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring


As you survey the freshly installed  luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in your home, a slight sigh of relief escapes your lips. In decades past, this man made product both looked and felt cheap. However, in today's world, this highly popular selection now has a rich, luxurious, and authentic look. Ultimately, it can be hard not to choose LVT. Affordable, durable, water resistant, kid and pet friendly - all incredible promises. The most enticing promise, however, is that it is easy to clean and low maintenance. You understand that low-maintenance doesn't mean no-maintenance though. As experts who have researched the care of other products, we can confirm that the care and maintenance for LVT is minimal.

Best Cleaning Practices

There are three easy steps required for optimal care. 

  1. Sweep
  2. Vacuum
  3. Mop

Everywhere you look, these three steps will be the recommended procedure. Sweep your floors at least once a week. This helps keep the dirt and grime build-up minimal. Vacuum at least once every two weeks, though some manufacturers recommend once a week. Be sure to use a soft-brush bristle vacuum without a beater bar to avoid any indentations or markings. Vacuuming will ensure fine particles of dust and dirt are removed.

The mopping procedure is the most time consuming. Mop occasionally, and certainly any time you notice dirt and grime buildup. Most flooring manufacturers recommend using their own brand’s cleaning products. If you purchase a different floor cleaner, avoid all soaps and detergents. For the cleaning solution, follow the manufacturer's instructions. For example, if you use the Mannington Award Series Cleaner, a homeowner is supposed to mix 2-3 capfuls in a gallon of warm water. Don’t over soak the mop, as excess water could seep into the cracks of the floor, causing the glue to separate the LVT plank from the subfloor. Always use warm water, but never hot as that can also damage the floor.

Other Helpful Tips

Following the aforementioned three steps, as well as immediately wiping up any spills or stains will help keep your LVT floors pristine for years to come. However, we all know life happens, and occasionally we encounter spills and stains that aren’t resolved by simple mopping. Here are a few of the common intensive care routines recommended by Mannington. 

Foods & Beverages: If it left a gummy substance, chip it away with a plastic knife. Then, using a heavy duty cleaner and stripper, scour the floor with a nylon pad or bristle brush.  Next, pour bleach onto a white cloth and cover the stain with it, allowing it to soak, for no longer than one hour. Wipe away any remaining residue.

Scuffs, Marks, Scratches, Crayon, Ink, Permanent Marker & Hair Dye: Mannington recommends Using their Award Series Heavy Duty Cleaner and stripper, though other heavy duty cleaners would work as well. Pat the cleaning solution with a nylon pad or bristle brush and scour the floors. Then, wipe clean with a cloth dampened by lighter fluid or painter’s naphtha.

Minor Cuts, Burns & Gouges: Cover with masking tape and call the manufacturer for a recommendation. The masking tape will help prevent further damage. 

Meanwhile, Casabella recommends that if the standard cleaning process doesn’t work, the homeowner should attempt to remove the stain by using mineral spirits. If that still doesn’t work, and it’s a tough stain such as ink or permanent marker, the homeowner should attempt using nail polish remover. Beware, however, that once mineral spirits or nail polish remover is used, that issue is no longer covered by the warranty. 

For further protection, be sure to place doormats at every door leading to the outside. However, do not purchase doormats with rubber or latex backs, as it can lead to staining.

Care Guide and Warranty Terms


Click here to find the complete care & maintenance guide

Click here to find the complete warranty terms


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