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Seamless Perfection

No one could deny that the true showstopper of this space is the zero-threshold shower. The various tile combination and rich finish of the plumbing fixtures create a certain level of elegance while maintaining the warmth of the neutral color scheme found throughout. A gorgeous two-tiered niche is included to increase storage and decrease the appearance of clutter. 

Other elements that help create an improved appearance include the layered lighting. Originally, there was only one source of fan lighting. The new bathroom has three sources of lighting: an updated fan-light combination, shower lighting, and vanity lighting. This helps a typically shadowy space feel bright and complete. 

The final element that helps create a perfect, seamless appearance is a new feature we're obsessed with: the inset tile vent. This vent has a simple metal rim, while the larger portion includes a piece of the surrounding floor tile to create an uninterrupted flooring appearance. Typically, vents are metal grates that can become an eye sore amidst the room's fresh appearance (even when painted).  

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The Vanity

Before:  The original space included a shower-tub combination with a gold frame and a frosted door. Gold accents were featured throughout, such as on the sink, around the mirror, and in the shower. The mirror extended the hole length of the wall. The vanity was a clunky, wood vanity with a short, double-handled faucet. 

After:  The bathtub is removed, and instead, a doorless shower is installed. Various tiles fill the space, including a geometric statement wall. The gold accents are replaced by brushed bronze plumbing accessories. The vanity is topped with quartz and includes more storage, including a few drawers. 

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