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The Best of Both Worlds

The two bathrooms were decidedly dated with sponge painted walls in one, and intense floral wallpaper in the other. Over the years, they used a family member to help make minor updates, but nothing major to help elevate the entire space. Since the couple had different style preferences, they split the bathrooms so that each one would reflect one partners taste more than the other. For her, that meant traditional and playful. For him, it meant strong, clean lies with no fuss or frills. Plus, he specifically wanted a large sink for better function in the space. With the help of their designer, the spaces remained cohesive with each other, as well as the laundry room, which was a marriage of the two styles. Throughout the process, their designer ensured their selections would be exactly what they wanted while also have mass appeal in case they decided to sell.

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The Laundry Room

Before: While it was perfectly safe, it felt like the set of a horror movie. There were exposed pipes and duct-work, as well as broken tile on the floor. The walls were wood panels, casting a dark gloom over the room only lit up by a single ceiling fluorescent light. 

After: A calming blue covers the de-paneled walls. The flooring is replaced with a timeless, white mosaic tile. A closet is built to house the exposed duct work and furnace. Storage is increased with larger cabinets and added countertop space. For a decorative touch, floating shelves are installed to give the room a place for personalization. The fluorescent light is replaced with recessed can lighting.  


Products Used

Laundry Room Cabinetry: Maple Kemper Cabinets in White Finish

Laundry Room Surface: Quartz

Downstairs Bathroom Vanity: Maple Kemper Cabinets in Grizzly Finish

Downstairs Bathroom Flooring: Evolution White Matte in a Brick Lay Pattern

Downstairs Bathroom Shower Tile: White Subway Lab in Brick Lay Pattern


Downstairs Bathroom Accent Tile: Classic Penny Rounds in Cotton

Plumbing Fixtures: Kohler

Hall Bath Vanity: Maple Kemper Cabinets in Grizzly Finish

Hall Bath Surface: Quartz

Hall Bath Flooring: Tribecca Taupe in a Brick-lay Offset Pattern

Hall Bath Shower Accent Tile: Mochachino from MSI

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