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A Flaming Hot Remodel

With extensive work to be done in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom and living room, almost everything originally in the condo had to go. Whether it be the thick carpet, pink bathtub, or yellow walls in the kitchen, the previous design was busy, dated, and not to the taste of our clients at all. Instead, they wanted a contemporary feel with clean lines and simple color palette. Taupe quickly became the favorite color, and soon the apartment boasted many warm tones that matched to help create an inviting space.

The biggest issue arose while disassembling the fireplace in order to redo the front of it. Our team found the fireplace box was off by a quite a few inches, requiring the team to rebuild the fireplace wall to make it functional and safe. Otherwise, every adjustment was simple and straightforward, especially since they lived in a condo which had many association rules and limited major layout adjustments. For example, initially the clients wanted to remove the soffit in the kitchen. However, our team found that ductwork attached to neighboring condos lived in the soffit. Luckily, our designer was able to create a blueprint that included the required soffits and layout that still captured the dream design of our clients.

“Thank you OHi for doing a great job on the remodel of our condo.  We are extremely satisfied with the results. The cooperation of our senior project manager, Jeff Goble, made it a pleasant experience and we have received many compliments. OHi should be proud of their work. We hope to see more OHi construction trucks at Mission Hills doing remodel work. Thanks to the entire OHi construction and design teams.”



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The Living Room

Before: The room was filled with wall to wall carpet and felt dark and closed off. The dated brick fireplace overwhelmed the room as the unwanted focal point. 

After: Engineered hardwood floors give the room a contemporary feel, while also creating cohesion between the kitchen and dining room, which feature the same flooring. The new fireplace is properly functional, while also being less obtrusive to the design of the room. 

The Kitchen

Before: The cabinets lacked the desired storage for the clients who were downsizing from a four bedroom home. The materials weren’t easily cleaned, another top priority for the condo owners. The kitchen was a galley style and closed off from the living room. The room, despite having white cabinets still had a heavy and dark environment. 

After: Our client wanted three things: a place to sit for morning coffee, simple to clean surfaces, and for the design to be as bright as an airport runway. Materials such as quartz were selected, as well as a backsplash with little grout to clean. A peninsula was added on one end to allow in-kitchen eating, and the brightness of the room came was the one major structural change our team was able to make: the removal of the wall between the kitchen and living room. 

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